In a nationwide address that was delayed from its prime-time Tuesday delivery and ahead of votes in four Ukraine regions to join Russia, on Wednesday morning Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial military mobilization, while vowing to use all means necessary to defend Russia and pledged to annex the territories already occupied by Russia, raising the stakes in the seven-month-old conflict.

Calling the moves “urgent, necessary steps to defend the sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of Russia,” Putin said that Russia is fighting the full might of NATO. The US and its allies, he said, are seeking to “destroy” Russia.

The partial mobilization means that reservists will be drafted into military service, Putin said, starting immediately. The Armed Forces will draw on military reservists only, and those who have completed national service, the president said promising that they will be provided with additional training along with all the benefits due to people involved in active duty.

The measure is "sensible and necessary" under the circumstances, Putin stated, adding that he has already signed an order for the call-up to start immediately.

In his speech, Putin accused Kiev of backing away from peace talks, acting on direct orders from its Western allies. Instead of negotiating, the Ukrainian government has beefed up its military with NATO-trained troops, many of whom are neo-Nazi extremists, he said.

Putin also accused the west of using "nuclear blackmail" against Russia noting that "if its territorial integrity is threatened Russia will definitely use all the means at its disposal." to defend Russian territory. "This is not a bluff."

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  • The CIA and our intelligence services have been undermining Ukraine and Russia’s soverignty for decades... Ukraine's relationship with Russia, over the past hundred or more years, is not much different than TEXAS has with the United States. Ukraine is not to be confused with the old Soviet Block Nations, which were annexed by Russia immediately after WW2. Ukraine was part of Russia during WW2.

    The Russian reserves are being called up...Russia can only train and properly equip a moderate force on short notice.  A 300K man call-up is a small portion of the 2.5 million total Russian reserves. Pres. Biden is being foolish and the US would be very pressed to go to war with Russia... given, the saber-ratling coming out of China, N. Korea, and the current invasion of the Republic, by the mass migration along our Southern Border. This invasion is being orchestrated from within both political parties and the Marxist states of- Nicaragua, Cuba, Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico.

    We need to be very concerned with Putin’s warning and the historic levels of communist and Globalist activity in the nation,  These agents of transformation are working for our country. We are at great risk and it is time to demand our Politicians destabilize and remove the disloyal Globalists and Marxists from our government and social institutions of power.

    The Russian military is not open to capitulation in the face of NATOs interference.  The Russian military will not mess around with restrictive rules of engagement. Partial mobilization is the same as full mobilization less conscription (the draft).  It should be noted Russia is probably unable to execute a full mobilization, without serious economic destabilization. Instead, they will apply the full force of their military and reserves to end the Ukraine civil war. If the West or NATO interfere the crisis could escalate into WW3 quickly.

    I believe Putin when he claims the West ruined Russia's peace negotiations with Ukraine.  And why not, as the CIA and many of our political leaders have been working to destabilize the existing world power structures to bring about a GLOBAL RESET… a new world order.  

    Finally, any war with Russia could easily go nuclear this is a very dangerous time.  The world has sufficient resources to provide cheap energy and all of life's essentials if it were not for a few wealthy power-hungry men. It is time to single these men out and too deal with the underlying problem. A cabal of power-hungry despots, who would see the world destroyed than lose their hold on power.

  • Fauci Mocked Mask-Wearers: 'Laughing Privately at the Americans He Was Fooling'

    Remember when Dr. Anthony Fauci went on every news channel wearing a mask telling Americans that the Coronavirus was basically a flesh-eating disease and if you went outside to live a normal life your going to be doomed? 

    Well apparently Fauci himself didn’t even buy his own words. 

    A new book by former White House spokesman Brian Morgenstern captures Fauci’s laissez-faire attitude about the whole so-called virus. 

    “[I]n January 2020, [Fauci] said the virus was nothing to worry about for the American people. Then in the months that followed, he said that people should not wear masks and that they were ineffective. By June or July, he had changed his tune and said everyone should be very concerned and that they should wear multiple masks and goggles,” the book said. 

    Titled Vignettes & Vinos, Morgenstern called Fauci “awful” and an “egomaniac,” detailing how he would mock people who strapped masks to their faces. 

    “I vividly recall my blood boiling during an infuriating meeting in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, when Fauci laughed about his own goggles comment, making it clear how cynical he was and that he could get people to believe anything,” Morgenstern wrote, adding “he went on to laugh about how ‘ass-backwards’ it was that people entered a restaurant wearing a mask,  then sat down and conversed with people without a mask. Of course, he wasn’t saying things to that effect publicly, just laughing privately at the American rubes he was fooling.”

    Fauci proved to contradict and play political games with Americans as the Left realized just how far they can instill fear into the country. 

    Back in March of 2020, Fauci declared that it was unnecessary to be wearing a mask. However flash forward a year, he claimed that wearing not one, but two masks is more effective to fighting off Covid. 

    The 81 year-old “doctor” who, let us not forget funded the study of Coronavirus’s in Wuhan, allegedly laughed at his own goggles remarks but then went on to tell ABC News that “if you have goggles or an eye shield, you should use it.” 

    Hypocritical Fauci, who makes more money than the president, is set to retire in December after 38 years as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

    Fauci Mocked Mask-Wearers: 'Laughing Privately at the Americans He Was Fooling'
    Remember when Dr. Anthony Fauci went on every news channel wearing a mask telling Americans that the Coronavirus was basically a flesh-eating disease…

    HELL NO! America doesn't want to destroy Russia! We want to buy it so we can f*ck China! 

    Questions?....didn't think so. 

    • America wants to destroy Russia's ability to be independent of the new global one world economy.  Russia's commodities, gas, oil, lumber and minerals, wheat offers alternatives to the globalist bankers.  And no we don't want to buy it.  We just want to control it.

  • "Vlad the mad" is mentally unbalanced, I keep hoping someone will remove him from circulation!

    • As long as the Russian people keep electing him, he is in office leagally. He is a communist, he is a murderer, he stole unknown billions from Russia, he is corrupt, but it's the Russian people who need to take him out.......not anyone else! Putin wants his power and he'll keep it whatever it takes, even if he has to sacrifice the entire country of Ukraine with all her people. 

    • Sometimes, you have to wonder "IF" he was actually elected, or did Russia have the same kind of election "hanky-panky" going on, that we did in 2020.  As I recall, there was a lot of discussion about it, at the time. Mentally, he is still KGB and I, seriously believe, he wants to "reunite" the OLD USSR.   As far as I am concerned, he IS mentally unbalanced and he IS a "war criminal".  I felt the same way when he invaded Crimea, back in 2014, but didn't hear, or read enough about it to know for certain.  

    • The Russian people haven't had the power to elect anyone, ever!  They went from the czars to the communist thugs. Putin is everything you assume, and is mentally unbalanced as murdering, brutal thugs are, but not crazy! But be careful, stating the truth about Putin at this site gets you in the line of fire by a few who thing Putin is good......we are bad!

    • Excuse me, but you missed the part where the Soviet Union imploded, collapsed and desolved.  And I guess the people who elected Putin had about as much power as the American people have had and especially considering the last "Election" coup.  Putin shows absolutely no sign of being mentally unbalanced and is in much condition the Biden.

      Again, I think you are being manic.  I can't ever recall anyone ever saying Putin was good, or that you and June are bad.  That's dangerously close to parnoid delusional, ilona.

    • Thanks, Ilona -my hide has thickened over the years; I've been in trouble before and, probably, will be again. Just stating my own "opinions" formed from information I have learned.  And, who knows, that information can be right, or wrong, as we all have learned.  If anyone doesn't like what I have to say, they can always "ignore" it.  If they choose to attack me for posting information , or opinions, so be it - - they just need to know I won't hesitate to "bite back" if necessary.

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