Public Schools Ripping-Off Our Kids!

7137398671?profile=RESIZE_400xAmerica is composed of people of every color, creed and faith and they're past ready to open for business and resume free enterprise, but education is hijacked by anti-capitalist Marxism!

Education took a drastic twist with the turn of the century. In the works for decades, the very definition of education underwent major overhaul, completing the transformation of teaching into indoctrination.

Education majors watched how programs that once imparted methods of teaching subject matter to pupils refocused on implementation of redefined language – words and phrases corrupted over time to condition thought processes instead of encouraging an exchange of ideas. Retooled teacher training stressed class management techniques (crowd control) and appeasing students and/or parents to avoid litigation. Teaching straightforward content such as math, history, grammar, spelling, etc. got lost in the shuffle.  

The steady change in language to suit institutional programming has been wildly successful. Easily influenced non-binary Generation Z (or whatever the ‘newspeak’ has designated 20 to 30-somethings) have had their minds so challenged by educational standards (otherwise referred to as brainwashing) that the level of personal confusion has created a zombie-like herd of social destroyers.

They are the conditioned mobs roaming the streets of progressive-run cities – Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, etc. – fire-bombing businesses, despising law enforcement, stealing property, and demolishing municipal infrastructure to create filth-ridden social anarchy that looks askance at murder.

How did America, of all nations, reach this crossroad? By redefining ‘education’ to makeover public schools and colleges into radical training centers. The fruits of sixty years of communist-leaning academic programming is tearing down what liberty built, replacing orderly freedom with catastrophic chaos.

Destructive education is now embedded in colleges and universities, both public and private. No academic discipline has been immune from the implementation of Marxist precepts under the expansion of teachers’ unions over the last century.

The rugged individualism that built America’s greatness (so detested by communist educators that are now in the majority at learning institutions) has taken a beating even in the business sector. Business programs have been undermined by collectivist thought, converting capitalism into marketing – otherwise understood to be the promotion of acceptable social behaviors. As far as most colleges are concerned, capitalism is dead and commerce must conform to social justice ‘norms.’ 

The recent spate of violence spurred by a video of the mistreatment of George Floyd in Minneapolis was hijacked by the Marxist (and misnamed) Black Lives Matter organization. Peaceful protests were purposefully infiltrated by cowardly, mostly white, agitators who hid their faces behind masks. Claiming to uphold justice for people of color, they turned nonviolent demonstrations into open riots by planting bricks, baseball bats, and incendiary devices along march routes.

Corporations have abandoned established business practices by jumping on the bandwagon, either openly funding the anarchist Black Lives Matter or routing funds through secondary organizations like the ACLU, NAACP, African American Leadership Forum or Equal Justice Initiative. How some of these organizations utilize the funds is clear as mud because rhetoric is the byword in a post-Covid-19 commercial world. It is the word commentators use in place of the less genteel term shortened into the initials B.S.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are being allocated by corporations believing that by underwriting divisive social justice groups they are promoting commerce. They are, in fact, undermining their freedom to create wealth by supporting non-profits that create administrative programs that do little more than make minority members think something is being changed to promote minority success.

It is how marketing has permeated every aspect of commerce, beginning with business and social education. Establishment educators now teach rhetoric as an accepted component of business curricula, demonstrated by the syllabus for a core class at BYU.

There are two prongs to the ‘devolution’ of the American business model that is being relentlessly implemented in this election year. First is the misrepresentation of the Wuhan virus “pandemic. 

Mark Levin broadcast taped comments of Ron Klain in 2009 on CSPAN at the Biological Attacks and Pandemics Forum (a Biden staffer at the time and later Obama’s Ebola Response team coordinator), clearly stating “We did every possible thing wrong,” regarding the 2009 outbreak of Swine flu. “60 million Americans got H1N1” when the epidemic was swept under the rug by discontinuing flu testing. And what did Obama do? Absolutely nothing. No lock-downs, no masks, no social distancing, no school closures and the United States survived without a problem. (Mark Levin Show, July 16, 2020 approximately at the 49-minute mark.)

Compare the 60 million number to the 3.5 million cases worldwide. The overreaction now is an attempt to destabilize the government making it ripe for a democrat takeover, under which comes the second prong attack.

It’s the Marxist-directed destruction of cities under the guise of social justice that amounts to the dual spread of misery by targeting so-called white privilege. But it’s not the white population that’s suffering most under the incendiary, violent rioting. It’s the small minority-owned businesses and big box stores that are being looted and burned. The purpose appears to be clear – target small business that can’t recover without government assistance, and take out the major commercial centers that cater to minority communities, leaving them without goods and services. Yet major corporations are funding the groups bent on destroying them. 

Through it all, blame is directed at white privilege to divide communities and plummet commercial districts and inner cities into engineered poverty. Along with this scheme is the promotion of a ‘defund the police’ movement in an attempt to create a disgruntled, angry minority population that the anarchists believe will form a backlash against law and civil order.

What the resistance hadn’t expected is how their plan is backfiring as more city dwellers of every color are crying out for more police presence to protect them from the lawlessness and murder being promulgated right outside their front doors.

While teachers’ unions are suing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for expecting them to return to school and do their jobs, black community members and preachers like Bevelyn Beatty are taking their message to the streets, literally. Supporting law and order and the re-opening of businesses and schools, courageous individuals are painting over anti-social Black Lives Matter graffiti to make the point that America is composed of people of every color, creed and faith and they’re past ready to open for business and resume free enterprise.

So, fellow members, how can we fix our shitty education system? 

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  • We had pirairie primer most of America history which was all Bible verses. The Bible in Greek, Latin and English was the education of the Founding Fathers.

    • and the New England Primer, also scripture and Bible stories.

  • Private and home schools. I know that is not feasible for many but it is a start. Plus not allowing the false textbooks into the classrooms.

  • Great article Joela Cornilus, but like most never suggest how to go about fixing it, last sentence.  First of all the Never Trump campaign from both the democrats congressmen(women), state and local democrats, media of all types, Google, Amizon, Twitter, big central government department leaders, government employees unions like teachers, and even many republicans like the Ryan's House and still the McConnell's Senate.   I think it is more then obvious and only Rip Van Winkle would miss that Trump is an underdog.  Even today in America is a call to support the underdog even though that underdog does things to discourage the underdog image. 

    The democrats own the riots.  Local mostly democrat mayors and governors have by not aggressively dealing with them have condoned them.  Jail Break is owned by democrat state district attornies.  Sactuary cities, counties, and states and the same mayors and governors relaxing policing has cause citizens to feel far less safe.   People react very negatively to not feeling safe and the finger point to democrats.  A tactic that democrats have perfected for a century of in the dark of night doing thing and in the day mirroring their action on to the opponents is not being received as the truth.  That brings into question the other accusation that are not as obvious lies. 

     Joela Cornilus, the never Trump croud that done more to get themselve voted out of office then I can remember occurring in my 70 years.  They have the welfare feeding trough votes and the indebted (thanks to Obama to the federal government and can not file bankrupty) and indoctrinated college students, and illegal alien welfare receiving voters.   They have thrown labor unions and police and fire department government unions under the bus loosing those votes.   The riots, increase in crime, murder rate explosion, and shutting down the economy all siphoning away more votes.   Obama promise to transform America was miss understood as a boost for those at the government trough, it wasn't.  He took office with 69M votes  with the deception understood, he stayed in office with 65M votes, passed the task of finishing the transformation to Hillary R. Clinton receiving 62M votes a popular vote majority but electoral college minority of votes, and making a second try with Bidden to complete the transformation.

    The question is who is going to be elected by the Republican those loyal to Ryan and McConnell, minoirty party statuse view, or those seeing Trump as the way to go.  This is the best time to act.  Fifteen states have passed the Article V Convention of State bills directing their representative to draft amendments to limit the power of government, control taxes and spending, and end life time terms of office.  With Trump appointing one more judge the ONE-MAN-ONE-VOTE liberal Warren Supreme Court decision 1964 Reynold v Sims can be reversed which will return the state Senates to county seats, local economic interest.  This will end the city state like New York, New Jersey, Illinois, California, Oregon, etc.  With the end of the city state the education system can then be addressed by the elected officials.  Democrats and liberals will be less likely to win office.

    • I disagree with you. Every American can see how great America is today compared to the day Trump took over. Americans are also getting more government handouts with Trump's signature on it once the next stimulus package is passed. They will reward Trump with another landslide win in November. Remember! Money talks.

  • Privatize it. Each student gets a voucher to choose their school. Good schools survive and thrive,  bad schools disappear. Better pay for teachers, better schools for students. Seems pretty easy to me.

  • How do we fix this? Easy. The federal government under Trump assumes control of schools and curriculums. The libtards have taken over all that little school boards and that is obviously not working for us. So, let Trump take care of it. As he'd ask, "What do we have to lose?" 

  • are they out of there mind? OH! boy they need a lesson on socialism, and communism.

    • Jeff-The marxists know exactly what they are doing; they have been trained and indoctrinated just for this purpose.  Decades ago, Lenin declared "We will take over America, without ever firing a shot"- - -they do it throught the indoctrination of our children.  Too many parents are blind to this and take no time, nor make any effort to dispel any of the misinformation "fed" to our younger generations.

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