• Great video clip of Mr. Trump being Mr. Trump, and the audience loves it! I'd say it is time from now to perhaps Septembers end, and certainly before November 3rd, for a federal executive notice that the "pandemic" is officially deemed passed. What great optics! This would leave insurrectionist blue state actors blustering for reply, or agreeing with gritted teeth (I love that).  To insist on continuance of lockdown measure as prudent would be pointless, and political hemlock for any office holder afterwards.

    We should enjoy this pause from tyranny, but plan for deterrence anticipating future attempts. I suspect the unlimited authority and discretion afforded state of emergency actions, medical and otherwise, can no longer be afforded by The People (judging by the Covid-caper). It just cannot be co-incidental that nation-wide medical malpractice and auto maker industry liability is court-regulated, but state dictated state of emergency measures have been very carefully NOT reviewed and defined for risks to civil liberty (I wonder if campaign money or backmail threats sheparded that omission for future use?). But legislation restricting the state from abusing civil rights, freedoms, and liberties of citizens is always a winner with me, so I figure a "State of Emergency Powers act" like the congressional measure in reaction to LBJ's  Gulf of Tonkin resolution oughta' do it. Hey, an actual good use for Congress! We would likely have to first fumigate and De'losi the House though.

  • The Democrat Governors just want to pevent President Trump from having Rallies because so many people show up in support of him. He is doing a great job he is also one of the best President we have ever had. He can't be bought off. That is why they hate him so much. He is for us the people not the swamp and not for the Democrat or Republican Parties. Both Parties are croupt and we know it. It is time to take back our nation and put all of the croupt people in our governments in prison where they belong!!! Get ready people we are headed for a REVOLUTION/CIVIL WAR. God please help us all. Ken

    • The Left wants the civil war so they can further accuse Trump and supporters of Nazism and make them look weak. Forget that, let the Feds arrest and jail enough of them and they will get the message. We already know exactly who all the Antifa jerks are, have for some time. If somebody wants to dox them or put a price on them it will be over in a few days... They are a joke


    • Hi Kenneth,

      I like your post. I hope we do not have a civil war! The Democrats /BLM/Antifa will be the ones to do the violence if Trump wins.  Incidentally, the word is spelled "corrupt" - just so you know. 

  • It's about time. Now the churches need to have peaceful protestants.

  • Totally agree. Peaceful Protest Rallies!

    • Great... since these are now peaceful protest rallies... does that mean we can burn down CNN's headquarters and their mobile units? Can we give their reporters a bloody nose? Maybe, we should show up with Molotov-cocktails for an after rally booster party... with bond fires in key locations... After all, arson is a trademark for peaceful rallies according to the MSM and democrat party.  Just kidding... we don't need to resort to violence in any form...

  • If anyone votes for anyone in the Democratic Party they need to be detained for a psychological profile ...  they are a danger to themselves and the Public.  The DNC and its agents have gone insane...

    • You got it.

  • dont you just love the sanity of it all.

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