There is no such thing as 'excess savings' Saving is a type of financial security and no one can have too much security, especially in times like these! 

  • They haven't got a clue.

  • Here is the picture that I get all of these politicians, bankers  ect. Are pushing a New World Order. One world currency , one world Government, as described in the book of Revelation. I encourage everyone to read the book  get a good version you can understand  like the ESV . Download the Bible on your phone, tablet whatever. But read the book of Revelation. Slowly if you don't understand, put down for a day next day read it again. You may get it. Read the book it's all coming!!?

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    • I agree Joe... But I believe they've realized this is the "Moment" they have been dreaming of!  "The New World Order" is here now! On 5/23/2022 World Economic Forum (WEF) founder and Executive Director Klaus Schwab stated quote: “Let’s also be clear: The future is not just happening. The future is built by us, a powerful community – you, here in this room. We have the means to impose this state [of the future] on the world,” Schwab's video was later posted on Twitter.

      Remember, on Jan 6 only one shot was fired, it killed one of us an unarmed Patriot and it came from within...  Let's face it, the Democrats have performed the perfect Coup d'état! We are currently a Totalitarian Repressed State with an unknown Dictator! The question now is what will the citizens response be? Hence "Their" push for gun confiscation. YES.... "They" are scared! 

  • 7/1/2022: Michael Hartnett, the chief investment strategist at Bank of America Securities, ran the inflation-adjusted numbers in a note for clients this morning. He found that this has been the worst start of the year for the S&P since 1872, the year Jesse James and Cole Younger led their gang to rob a bank in Columbia, Kentucky, and ended up shooting a teller who refused to open the vault.

  • What a crackpot! How a political party can get t so wrong is amazing. We are headed for Armageddon! 

  • This dufus is one more stupid ass lying s.o.b.  Let him do away with his wealth and live on what most of us have to live on and then proclaim what wonderful shape we're in.  What we need are many expensive Washington funerals.

  • I don't want or need this jerk anywhere in or around anything that resembles a bank account, that does not have his name on it!!! Or don't let the right hand know what left hand is doing!

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