• When a dictator takes over and tyranny is the result, just maybe SEDITION IS THE ONLY POSITIVE RECOURSE.

  • Any push  back from the populace is going to be labeled sedition, anarchy or some such.  The truth of the matter is it is only the populace pushing back against dictatorial tyrannists.  Name calling is a weapon they use to falsely label any stand for freedom.  We need to keep pushing back!

    • Screw the lying bastards. If they wish to declare themselves the enemy of the people,so be it. The tyranny of the minoriry has no place for free people. Machiavellian retribution is coming for these mothers!!


  • When the police make themselves the enemy, the die has surely been cast.  Here we see the Affirmative Action equivelent and politically correct sell out

    • When the police make themselves the enemy they expose where they stand........don't hope for their support against a tyrannical government!

    • I'd have to say you right.  That makes the police the proverbal dog on a chain, which is a shame for strong police supporters like me.   

  • Ottawa police intentionally link truckers' freedom convoy in Ottawa...

    Anyone see a pattern here? If we "dare" to question elected officials or the results of an election ortheir  government edict(s), the people, who work for us,  call us terrorists...we should comply, wear a mask, bend over and take the "shot", keep quiet, grin and bear it...meanwhile our elected officials exempt them selves from blame for the problems they cause, don't comply with the laws they pass, don't do any real governing, they insider trade, they launder foreign aid money, they intimidated judges, intimidate parents...and then they want us to pay for their re-election.   Are we stupid or what?

    Ottawa police intentionally link truckers' freedom convoy in Ottawa to January 6
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    • ........and, whatever you do, do not call them communists!

    • Are the Canadiens taking the BS?   Or are they standing up for their rights and FREEDOMS?

      That is the purpose of the FREEDOM CONVOY. 


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