Obama lashes out at Trump for spreading misinformation

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As former president Barack Obama prepares to hit the campaign trail to boost Joe Biden's bid for the White House, he lashed out at President Donald Trump on Wednesday. In an interview on the liberal "Pod Save America" podcast, Obama particularly blasted his successor for continuing to spread misinformation.

"Trump is a symptom of [misinformation] and an accelerant to it," Obama said. "When you look at insane conspiracy theories like QAnon seeping into the mainstream of the Republican Party, what that tells you is that there are no more guardrails within that media ecosystem."

The interview comes as Obama reportedly plots a swing through key battleground states like Florida and Wisconsin to make a closing argument for his former vice president less than three weeks away from the election. It also represents the latest instance of him upping his rhetoric against Trump. Where Obama was once reticent to verbally spar with the president, in recent months he's issued dire warnings about his leadership in a fiery Democratic National Convention speech and slammed Trump in campaign ads.

A theme of Obama's interview was his frustration with Trump continuing to push unfounded conspiracy theories - and his anger at Republicans for not distancing themselves from those claims. Speaking with his former aides Jon Favreau and Tommy Vietor, Obama said he was dismayed that Republicans didn't call out Trump last week for pressuring the Justice Department to go after him and Biden.

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  • This man's whole election should be scrutinized.  

    • If Obamas, I cannot imagine the colossal burden. It may be impractical, but desirable.

  • Don't need no stinkin' Gitmo, Bro!  We can dump you at Pelican Bay with the Mexican Homeys... or the SKINHEADS!!!


  • Said the Lying Usurping Commie Traitor Pig,Chairman Bao!!!

  • Maybe he will hold big Mikes coat, and sic him on Trump?

  • HEAD CROOK !!!

  • Obama and his administration should have been in jail along time ago I don't trust Obama he is a liar

  • Gitmo is for you and your buds.

  • Just shows that the "Conspiracy Theories" are not Theories and are bing proven more and more with the passing of each day!  Remember, The Conspiracy is co-owned by the prior four Presidents with the Obama administration being the out of control accerant to packing his "civilian Army" of luciferian bureaucrat monkeys.  Clinton and Obama wanted to be the ones who toppled the US and their puppets (Pelosi, Schumer, and the radical "Squad" have brought the nation to the tipping point of civil war.  All on the backs of the Hispanic and Black communities, but even they are seeing the light!  

  • yeah, the truth is what lying libtards call "misinformation".  they are minions of satan, the father of lies.  The truth isn't in them!!!!!

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