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R.S. Helms replied to Admin Dee's discussion What is The Great Reset and What Does it Mean for the Future of Humanity?
"And since 1945 the UN has been the covert problem.  However, not until George HW did it really start to show it's true Lucerfian self, HW is the first one to tell the General Assembly that the United States would pledge our allegence to "that sacred…"
R.S. Helms replied to Steve - Tea Party Co-Founder's discussion What should the Tea Party do next?
"We need to be praying everyday for the fourth "Great Awakening" in America and Europe!  and be prepared to take up the fight (spiritual and political).  Perhaps it is time to let America know that we are back and our fight for freedom for all is as…"
Nov 17
R.S. Helms and James Allan are now friends
Nov 17
R.S. Helms replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion FBI investigating ‘Trump Train’ swarming of Biden bus on Texas interstate
"Looks like the Bus was trying to block two lanes of I-35, as the deplorables were all going down the highway, where to I have no idea unless it was to demonstrate at the Biden Rally.  He should be held responsible for impeding traffic.  "
Nov 1
Admin Dee and R.S. Helms are now friends
Oct 31
R.S. Helms replied to Admin Dee's discussion CNN Censors Pro-Trump Ad Saying It Falsely Asserts Biden Will Raise Taxes
"Like the odious scum they attempt to defend, they have lost any sort of creditability with the majority of the American People. 
Oct 31
R.S. Helms shared their discussion on Facebook
Oct 30
R.S. Helms liked Admin Dee's discussion Archbishop Viganò warns Trump about ‘Great Reset’ plot to ‘subdue humanity,’ destroy freedom
Oct 30
R.S. Helms shared their discussion on Facebook
Oct 30
R.S. Helms replied to Admin Dee's discussion Resistance Plans ‘Mass Mobilization’ After Election To Shut Down The Country If Biden Doesn’t Win
"Time for Patriots to take action ... nonetheless, DO NOT ALLOW ALL THIS TO INTIMIDATE YOU!  Go to the polls a vote Red down the ticket.  Lets worry about tomarrow when tomarrow comes.  Be Prepared for the worst case scenario and pray it does not…"
Oct 21
R.S. Helms replied to Admin Dee's discussion Chris Cuomo: Get In The Closet, Serious Christians, Your Kind Aren’t Welcome In Public Life
"This heathen is simply a L-U-C-I-F-E-R-I-A-N (opposite of Lutheran -- carefully read the definition of Luciferian)  and over half of the Roman Catholics are not devout Roman Catholics, And the Pope is off the hook liberal and liberation theology…"
Oct 20
R.S. Helms replied to Admin Dee's discussion Obama lashes out at Trump for spreading misinformation
"Just shows that the "Conspiracy Theories" are not Theories and are bing proven more and more with the passing of each day!  Remember, The Conspiracy is co-owned by the prior four Presidents with the Obama administration being the out of control…"
Oct 15
R.S. Helms replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion CNN's Don Lemon TRIGGERED that NBC will air Trump Townhall opposite ABC Biden Townhall
"Regardless of motive, Don't you think that the Luciferians starting to turn against each other is a good thing?  Shock Jock Fake news is wearing thin on the American People."
Oct 15
R.S. Helms replied to Admin Dee's discussion Communist sympathizer, Nancy Pelosi is Stopping Bill That Would Crack Down on Chinese Influence in U.S.
"She sold out to socialism and globalization a long time ago, that it now includes Chinese Propaganda is no surprise.  She Like amy good "Faustian" Luciferian puppet will continue to take the nation into Marxism. "
Sep 22
R.S. Helms replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion Joe Biden advised to announce he’d appoint Michelle Obama to SCOTUS to ‘honor’ Ginsburg
"Could it be that the Democrat Party Wants to become the New "Luciferian Socialist Democrat Party?"  Well what other reason do they keep shooting themselves in the foot with this sort of absolute lunacy?  I Know two socialist progressives in the…"
Sep 20
R.S. Helms replied to Admin Dee's discussion Left’s Point Person for Post-Election Violence Prep Linked to Arabella Advisors
"I am happy to see the Tea Party taking the lead to shine the light on the Arabella Group, it is not must the George Soros network at play, but most have been flying under the radar for a long time now.
Thanks for the work and effort to get more of…"
Sep 17