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R.S. Helms replied to Admin Dee's discussion Communist sympathizer, Nancy Pelosi is Stopping Bill That Would Crack Down on Chinese Influence in U.S.
"She sold out to socialism and globalization a long time ago, that it now includes Chinese Propaganda is no surprise.  She Like amy good "Faustian" Luciferian puppet will continue to take the nation into Marxism. "
R.S. Helms replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion Joe Biden advised to announce he’d appoint Michelle Obama to SCOTUS to ‘honor’ Ginsburg
"Could it be that the Democrat Party Wants to become the New "Luciferian Socialist Democrat Party?"  Well what other reason do they keep shooting themselves in the foot with this sort of absolute lunacy?  I Know two socialist progressives in the…"
R.S. Helms replied to Admin Dee's discussion Left’s Point Person for Post-Election Violence Prep Linked to Arabella Advisors
"I am happy to see the Tea Party taking the lead to shine the light on the Arabella Group, it is not must the George Soros network at play, but most have been flying under the radar for a long time now.
Thanks for the work and effort to get more of…"
Sep 17
R.S. Helms replied to Admin Dee's discussion World Trade Organization: Trump's Chinese Tariffs Are Illegal
"Guess the World Trade Organization of the UN (Global Socialist Union) does not understand that The United States is a SOVEREIGN FREE REPUBLIC and we have the ability to develope our own trade deals.  Unless we have Prior agreements with the UN to…"
Sep 15
R.S. Helms replied to Admin Dee's discussion Gov. Cuomo says: Trump ‘better have an army’ to protect him if he comes to NYC
"I hope Trump finds a legal way to defund These cities and states who refuse to establish law and order and hold scum like their Mayors and Governors accountable (PRISON), then break-up the DNC and ban Socialism in the United States.  It is the only…"
Sep 3
R.S. Helms replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion At New Hampshire Rally, Trumps says "he will be looking into 'Insurrection' under law"
"Don't stop at the Mayors and Governors please!  Hit the Luciferian leaders in Congress ... Including Romney who marched with them ... Waters is a boots on the ground congressional nit who not only encourages, put goes out and promotes the chaos,…"
Aug 29
R.S. Helms replied to Admin Dee's discussion How to Tell the Left is Losing: Morning Mika Goes on Wild Anti-Trump Rant
"Luciferian stupidity!  it is totally a brainless delusion which is actually driving these idiots into a debilitating state of absolute lunacy, with no way back.  I know that God can and will save anyone who sincerely calls on the name of Jesus, but…"
Aug 14
R.S. Helms replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion Time For Fauci (and Birx) to Exit Left Stage
"Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation where he sits on one of their boards... But they are the ones making him a multi-millionaire. "
Aug 9
R.S. Helms replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion Time For Fauci (and Birx) to Exit Left Stage
"Fauci is on one of the boards of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, He helped creat the doomsday "Event 201" Check them all out.  Fauci is a Socialist Luciferian snake and should have never been in the mix at the Whitehouse.  Same game that the CDC,…"
Aug 9
R.S. Helms commented on Joela Cornilus's blog post What A Dem Coup d’etat Means To America
"Make America Great, will never happen unless Conservatives control the Whitehouse, the Senate, and the House of Representatives, and that is no hill for a climber."
Aug 6
R.S. Helms commented on Steve - Tea Party Co-Founder's blog post Goof-Ball Glenn Beck Pooping Out!
"Beck is lying about the 500,000 loss.  He most likely Made more than that, he made a reported 26,000 for the Utah gig in Provo, where he made his false prophecy concerning another false prophecy concerning the presidency by Joseph Smith...  He is…"
Nov 26, 2016
R.S. Helms posted a blog post
The Pharisaical “Christians” Against Trump. Wednesday, Oct 19 2016 Bible and Christian and Conservatives and Freedom and liberty and Liberals and Political and Political Corruption, and Religion and RINO Establishment and Sin Exposed christian,…
Oct 26, 2016
R.S. Helms left a comment for Michael Herlache
Thanks for the friends request, and I am honored to have you in my very short friends list...  R.S. Helms    Again, thanks."
Jul 22, 2016
R.S. Helms commented on Scott Rickert's blog post Ted Cruz I am Dissapointed in you.
"COULD IT BE, that the congressmen who didn't like Cruz remember that Cruz was supported by the Tea Party, for congress, then after a filibuster, (that didn't work) that the RINOs condemned as a Tea Party Republican, he then threw the TEA PARTY UNDER…"
Jul 20, 2016