Monday Executive News Summary

Monday Executive News Summary

The Democrat Regression Files
  • Team scumbag/liar-Biden vows “decisive action” on “four crises” in first 10 days (Daily Wire)

  • scumbag/liar-Biden to ask Congress on Day One to legalize 11 million illegal aliens (Daily Wire) | And opportunists are watching: New migrant caravan forms in Honduras (Daily Wire)

  • Incoming White House climate team blames “systemic racism” for climate change (Free Beacon)

  • scumbag/liar-Biden team already in talks with Iran over return to nuclear deal (Breitbart)

  • scumbag/liar-Biden poised to undo Trump alternatives to scumbag/liar-nObamacare plans (Examiner)

  • scumbag/liar-Biden to yank Keystone XL permit on first day of presidency (Politico)

  • How scumbag/liar-Biden will open the floodgates to transgendering public schools (The Federalist)

Elsewhere in Politics
  • New rule bars banks from targeting gun manufacturers — at least until scumbag/liar-Biden (maybe) negates it (Free Beacon)

  • Ben Sasse, in fiery op-ed, appropriately says QAnon is destroying GOP (The Hill)

  • scumbag/liar-Nancy Pelosi puts scumbag/liar-Eric Swalwell back on Homeland Security panel despite spy scandal (NY Post)

  • National Rifle Association files for bankruptcy, plans to leave New York for Texas (National Review)

  • Trump plans unprecedented military “farewell event” with 21-gun salute, military band (Daily Wire)

  • Lincoln Project in disarray after founder accused of “grooming” young men for sex (Free Beacon)

Cancel Culture
  • Virginia gun rights group dropped by Mailchimp (Disrn)

  • Hotel chain cancels fundraising event for Senator Josh Hawley (Examiner)

  • Minnesota law school students — who can’t even get her district right — aim to “cancel” alumna Rep. Michelle Fischbach (Daily Signal)

  • Thanks to right-wing boycott, Fox News trails both CNN and MSNBC in ratings for the first time since 2000 (Disrn)

  • Top 10 “best” Jim Acosta moments (The Federalist)

The Latest on COVID-19
  • State Department says Wuhan lab researchers may have had COVID in the fall of 2019 (Fox News)

  • India starts world’s largest vaccination drive (CNBC)

National Security
  • U.S. state capitals and DC on alert for possible armed protests (Reuters)

  • The FBI is vetting National Guard troops amid fears of insider attack (Examiner)

Around the Nation
  • Federal court dismisses charges against church deacon arrested for singing outdoors without a mask (Disrn)

  • Virginia’s new transgender rules for public schools: Use preferred pronouns, don’t question bathroom choices (Daily Wire)

  • New York AG sues NYPD for excessive force at George Floyd “protests” (Reuters)

  • Portland City Council demands reparations from Congress (The Federalist)

Around the World
  • Uganda says President Yoweri Museveni wins sixth term as vote-rigging alleged (AP)

  • Welfare fraud scandal leads to resignation of Dutch government (Disrn)

Odds and Ends


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