• I don't vote for a gop TRAITOR if an independent is on the ballot.  Voting gop today is the same, for the most part, as voting for the devildemocommiecrat.   They are complicit in TREASON!!!!!!!!!!

  • Compromise is not a bad idea in itself. However, compromise with a bad idea often results in an idea that is only slightly less bad than the original proposal. There are those of us who will never compromise on the founding principles of life, liberty and the freedom to pursue our own happiness. But with freedom comes responsiblity based upon an internalized code of ethical and moral conduct that does not permit the individual to knowlingly do a wrong thing, even when no one is watching. That principle is the foundation and the very essence of self-government in our constitutional republic.

  • CHEATING is not what is happening... outright criminal FRAUD is at work.  There are statutes that regulate corporate conduct and some have criminal codes behind them... Rigging the Corporate annual meeting for example... is not just cheating it is in all probability FRAUDULENT CRIMINAL CONDUCT.   The GOP Leadership needs to be held accountable at the County and State level for FIXING their meetings .. .excluding members from attending and denying their right to nominate and vote in their own leaders and delegates... stop the criminal conduct put the RINOs in jail.

    • I left the Oklahoma gop in 2012 for this very reason, they cheated Ron Paul in favor of mitty the poo and hitlery used their game plan to cheat bernie sanders later that year.  joe dementia and his satanic cabal perfected the FRAUD tactics to usurp his way into the oval office, with the help of the gop establishment TRAITORS!!!!!!!!!!

    • Exactly.... and this sort of election fraud has been going on for decades becoming worse with each election cycle... it is now operating boldly and in the open.  The Marxists have no fear of retribution as they have the criminal justice system in their hip pocket.

  • This sort of involvement by the base is necessary... we need to take over the County, and State RNC/GOP leadership and delegations to the National RNC/GOP convention to throw out the RINO's from leadership... and if they rig such conventions then we need to break away as a new party... the RNC/GOP has to understand that the conventional leadership and parry management is no longer acceptable and the base is so outraged that they are ready to destroy the GOP... and start over.

    The idea that they now want smaller gatherings and blaming it on the Pandemic is not the real basis for smaller conventions... they want to EXCLUDE the MAGA members from attending and are challenging their elections and appointments as delegates to the various county, state and ultimately the National Convention.  It is time to either throw out the Swamp... the RINOs or to start a new party.  Votes and officials delegated to the convention HAD BETTER reflect the base or the party will implode... something the Marxist plants in the party may well be working towards... McConnell... and Romney need to go.

    • Are you familiar with Convention of States?  Amending the Constitution is the only way to overturn New York Times v. Sullivan (which, in effect, gave the press a license to lie) and remove The Supreme Court's self-given power to legislate.  Be happy to discuss it with you at length.  I am building a new website which shouild be up and running in about a month.  TVFFC.

  • What kind of question is ... Are Rino's electable? Under our current electoral system, MICKEY MOUSE is electable... Some people simply don't get it... Our ELECTIONS ARE RIGGED.. .fixed, fraudulent, hokes, the winners are predetermined by Dominion logarithms.  Vote but don't expect your vote to change anything.  Who are the IDIOTS pushing elections as the way to reform government. What brought us to where we are ... elections.  What will get us back to Constitutional Government... certainly not more of the same.

    Any group or individual pushing elections as the solution should be considered highly QUESTIONABLE... their motives and purpose for engaging in government are dubious.  The RINOs "s love elections especially elections that reflect their desired outcomes.   The people continue to vote, turnout grows but bad politicians are also increasing with every election ... how does that work to bring reform to our Nation?

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    • Star, Have not heard of that group  -  where are they located   ---  thx   D

    • Thx Star, just contacted them to see if there is a North Carolina chapter   ---   D

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