4979241701?profile=RESIZE_584xMonday night on Spectrum News 1’s “Inside the Issues,” Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) said President Donald Trump and the lockdown protesters should be ashamed of themselves for pressuring governors to reopen their states.

Waters said, “You know our governors are under great stress. The protests that have been organized, the protests trying to intimidate our governors to open up everything are protests where the people participating in that should be ashamed of themselves. They should not be encouraged in any way. They should not be encouraged from the top leadership of this country to go out and do that.”

She continued, “I know the pressure is on. I know that you’re trying to hold the line. I want you to hold the line. I don’t want to see these establishments opened back up. I want the federal government to join with the cities and the states to support these families in every way that we can. I do want a moratorium on rent evictions. I have a huge bill. I have a $100 billion bill to pay the landlords. We don’t want them to risk their properties, many of them have bought a small number of units, ten units, four units as retirement property. I know that they need to pay their mortgages. I am going to absolutely see to it that they are reimbursed, that they are paid for the moratorium on evictions on their apartments.”

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  • Another CRIMINAL DEMOCRAT shooting their damn mouth off again! R.I.C.O. and subsequent firing squad for the whole damn lot! THEY INSIST ON IT!

  • How can anyone think she is competent in Congress?   She is a crook, a liar, an anti American who hates Trump,  yet she keeps getting reelected every time - tell me why?

    • Hey! Edie can you send your question to congress and see if they respond to your question.

  • this is what the people of California voted for it's sad I thought they have better IQ than these.

  • Pelosi is such a dirt bag.  In her new 3 trillion dollar stimulus for the people, MILLIONS go to the all the illegals.  And this will be permanent.  She also wants to let all the prisoners out of jail so she has room to arrest people who don't stay home & put them in jail..  These liberals are beginning to remind me of psychopaths.  I know Adam Schiff is one.  So Is George Soros.   He is behind a lot of this.   Just sick crap we have to deal with.   Do you think we will ever just revolt against these people.   NOW all the old Watergate attorneys, who are just political left wing hacks, are being allowed to file briefs with the Judge for Flynn.   They want to explain why Flynn is guilty so the press will pick it up and run with it for months.   This judge is a Democrat Liberal Hack just like the Watergate attorneys. Barr dropped the charges because there is no case here.  There is nothing they won't do to try to pull down the public's opinion of Trump.  Sorry for Trump for all the HELL these assholes have put him through and continue to do so.  How does he stand it !!

    • The democrat liberal hack judge needs to be recalled as soon as possible.  This who thing is unreal!  Haven't they done enough to General Flynn?


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  • The liberal horde has found a way to build a permanent underclass. The problem is it will include everyone, not just a targeted minority. Businesses build capitalism something which goes against the restructuring of the new under class.

  • Besides being perfect evil both of them belong to the American Communist Party.  The Communist Party and Gates have joint hands.  You don't need humans any more you have AI.  AI means artifical intelligence.  AI machies like the AI machine shown recently in China the AI Dog that will automatically report if you are not 6 feet apart.  This is the future  WE HAVE BECOME UNNEEDED.  The elite can replace their slaves (US) with great AI machines.  In other words both these ladies and most from the Left have joined Satanism as have the rest of the Elite like Epstein, Rothshild, and Gates. They are Evil.  We have to learn to see and understand EVIL. I think this is why all this is happening.  Pay close attention you are being taught a lesson about Good and Evil.

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