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Leading House Democrats on Wednesday unveiled sweeping legislation empowering Congress with more muscular oversight and anti-corruption tools to rein in abusive presidents — present and future.

Behind Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), the Democrats are hoping to bolster the congressional checks on the executive branch, as outlined by the Constitution, including efforts to curb abuses of presidential pardons; prevent presidents from profiting personally from the office; and secure administrative compliance with congressional subpoenas.

The legislation has no chance of becoming law while Republicans control the Senate and President Trump remains in the White House. But it highlights the laundry list of abuse allegations Democrats have lodged against the president over the last four years — and provides Democrats with political ammunition as Congress prepares to leave Washington for the final sprint to the Nov. 3 elections.

"During this once-in-a-generation moment, the Congress has a sacred obligation for the people to defend the rule of law and restore accountability and basic ethics to the government. And that is exactly what we're doing [with this package]," Pelosi told reporters in the Capitol.

"It is sad that the president's actions have made this legislation necessary," she added. "As with other things, he gives us no choice."

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  • Will someone please put Pelosi on an insanity home 

  • The enemy within...............BELIEVE IT!!

  • As usual the game isn't going her way so she wants to make up new rules. How elementary. 

  • They are only abuses according to America's enemies embedded in our government. President Trump has thwarted their attempt to over throw the U.S.A., and turn American tax payers into slave labor for china. China, soros, the u.n. along with the America haters of the left and the traitors on the right have to answer for this coup d' etat.

  • !! THAT "WOP" needs to retire and eat her 25.00 ice cream!!

  • Pelosi and her ilk are the only ones that need reigning in.  That is why Pres. Trump was elected.....TO DRAIN THE SWAMP.  Pelosi is a swamp creature.

  • Serious Question: Have the Demoncrats performed any tasks in the past 4 which proved fruitful to the United States, or Americans?  I cannot find anything, if you know of any please share.

    • Michael, they have only committed treason in their attempt to overthrow the government and establishh the global government they lust for.  

    • "IT" escapes me also..

  • ALL Demoncrats must be voted out of office since they are communist and do nothing for the good of America!!

This reply was deleted.