The fact checkers have spoken and what we hear Obama not what Obama said!

    • Yeah right......

    • Yes, what did the fact checkers really say?  I can't imagine anything else can be inturpreded from what he said.. Its clear, he's out to destroy this nation!!

  • This "Bastard" is 100% Anti-American . Would it break my heart if he dropped dead ? HELL NO !

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    • That's exactly what has happened in the US. This is why we have no choice but to put these people through (temporary) re-education camps. This liberal nonsense has to be taken out of their brains, and the manipulation has to stop. No more lies, no more fake news, no more brainwashing in schools. Then we won't need re-education camps anymore, either.

  • The first time I ever saw this POS was at one of the democrat conventions as one of the speakers. My first reaction was....who is this Muslim, and when he began to talk i asked, why do they have a communist speaking? 
    Now all I can say is I told you so, from the start I said he was the enemy within, but the country was enamored by his skin color, got sucked in by his lies. Once a Muslim/communist sets foot, develops a position, he claims it his forever, in his warped mind the POS never left the WH, and today with the halfwit occupying the Oval Office, obama is the puppet master. 

  • This is what obummer has been doing all along. He distorts reality with the help of the MSM. It is increasingly hard for real American patriots to get the truth because of this excessive manipulation by the MSM. Sometimes even Fox is in cahoots with the MSM.

  • He has always been a miserable bastard

  • Not surprised the Sunni Kenyan Muslim Terrorist said this. He did study Alinski's Rules For Radicals

    • Yes. And even before this "they" began infiltrating and applying all this in our country.  Color revolution began initiating in New York meetings in early 1900s.  This has been going on step by step, decision by decision and law by law.  The students in public schools were the first receiving unopposed indoctrination while the rest of the population were distracted and immersed in entertainment and self indulgence.  The entertainment itself was indoctrinating the adults.  Not all entertainment is bad but the time it takes away from training your children is definitely a negative influence on the family.  This our country is at risk because so many believe the indoctrination.  

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