• I'm serious if we stay up with the Dems we have to vote early and vote often!!


    I'm going for the record! I'm going to have 23,001 come from my out-house! That will show those Dems who's the boss! 

  • Of course they did and you can bet it happened all over the country

  • We must stop mail voting we must keep an eye on Facebook Twitter Apple and other they are today's Mafia they buy and control politicians judges and other to get what they want 


  • These two are great patriots!!!

  • The most obvious effect will blossom in the Spring Primaries and next November's Elections. What was once a subversive manipulation of "Votes" cannot be "Hidden" again in the sane manners.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • They rigged Newsoms recall election and hid that.

  • Wow, that's a big family!

  • I belive the republicans were part of it too. I don't think they wanted Trump. just WE THE PEOPLE!.

    • Well, we do know of several particular rinos who actually assisted the democommies gross efforts.

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