Levin Horrified By socialist-Warnock Election

Levin Horrified By socialist-Warnock Election
by Mark Levin

{ americanexaminernews.com } ~ As an American who reveres our country, our founding, and our Constitution, I am appalled at the election of socialist-Raphael Warnock. His beliefs, as declared over the course of decades, about this country, race, Israel, and a host of other issues are frightening. As a Jew, I find socialist-Warnock’s relentless anti-Semitic and anti-Israel statements shocking, yet they represent a growing view within the Democrat Party, the left, and the media. And those statements were never condemned by Democrat Party leaders and the media. In fact, scumbag/liar-Joe Biden and lowlife/liar-Kamala Harris campaigned hard for socialist-Warnock, and this morning the media are touting his historic victory without comment about what the election of such an extremist and anti-Semite means for the future of the Democrat Party and the nation. Such self-censorship is now all too familiar.

Furthermore, as Democrats and the media, as well as a sizeable number of GOP officials in Washington and their pundits and media, condemn the president for fighting to the bitter end over serious election abuses — the worst of which are the constitutional violations in key battleground states strategically instituted by the Democrat Party and scumbag/liar-Biden campaign — precious little is said about the declared intention of the Democrat Party to gut the independence of the Supreme Court by packing it with left-wing ideologues, destroying the Senate by packing it with new Democrat senators from Puerto Rico and D.C., killing the filibuster rule to ensure that all and any laws the Democrats wish to pass will come to pass, and destroying the Electoral College. If carried through, this will be the greatest attack on our Constitution and our republican system since the Civil War — when the Democrat Party led the Confederacy. The media, of course, are all in with this. From the New York Times and the1619 Project and the Russian collusion conspiracy by the media and the Democrat Party to the attempted coup and impeachment of President Trump, the cover-up of the scumbag/liar-Biden family ties to communist China and other countries, the celebration of Antifa and BLM (violent anti-American organizations), the endorsement of fascistic orders from power-hungry governors violating freedom of association, the free exercise of religion, private property rights, etc., and a long list of other notable propaganda and/or censorship campaigns, the media have become a poisonous and corrupt force in our society.

In the House, scumbag/liar-Pelosi has the slimmest majority — about 10 more seats than the Republicans. If socia;ist-Ossoff should win the remaining Senate seat in Georgia, the Senate will be split 50-50, with lowlife/liar-Harris as the potential tie-breaker. This means by the smallest of margins, the Democrats would control Congress. Yet they would use their temporary, slimmest majority to forever alter the way in which we govern ourselves. They would shred the Constitution, which as statists they have long abhorred, and attempt to permanently control the administrative state and the electoral process. This is exactly how they turned states like California, the land of Reagan, into a one-party state with supermajorities in the legislature and no hope of Republicans retaking statewide offices.

We also face a difficult issue with Democrats who abandon the blue states they’ve helped create for Republican states, where they continue their voting pattern for Democrats and leftists. It is one of the main reasons why states like Georgia and Virginia have turned blue and Texas is moving purple. When this is combined with a half-century of unrestrained immigration and the concomitant purposeful lack of assimilation and identity politics (promoted by the Democrat Party), and now the unconstitutional evisceration of our election laws (Article II, Section 1, Clause 2), the consequences are bleak. So too with the ideological indoctrination on our college campuses and the intellectually corrupt and political partisan mass media in our country.

The Republican establishment and its handful of media propagandists are incapable of addressing any of this — and have not in any effective way. Instead, for the likes of McConnell, his first principle is his own continuing rule over the Senate Republicans. Even back in the Tea Party days, he, backstabber-Boehner, and their small cabal did all they could to blunt that movement as it threatened their reign. The Democrat Party is a radical force that seeks to constantly alter our government and society, while the Republican Party is passive and ineffectual, clueless on whether or how to slow the growing tyranny. If you think about it, there have only been three Republican presidents in the last 100 years who have dared to confront the statists and their progressive movement — Coolidge, Reagan, and Trump. The disconnect between D.C. Republicans and Main Street Republicans could not be more pronounced. Yet the D.C. Republicans are adept at playing a deceitful game of saying one thing to their constituents when running for office and doing something much different once elected or re-elected. Many are simply unfit by nature, principle, or character for this struggle — a struggle for the nation’s future. Reagan won two massive landslides, yet much of the opposition he confronted to his agenda was within the GOP in Congress. Trump stopped dead the advance of the radical scumbag/liar-nObama agenda with his defeat of scumbag/liar-Clinton, but he also faced resistance within his own party — the so-called NeverTrumpers among them. Both Reagan and Trump brought the Republican Party great victories in Congress, as did the Tea Party, but the GOP establishment was not only ungrateful but contemptuous. Unlike the Democrat Party, which coddles its base, the D.C. Republicans attack their base.

While the election of an American-hating anti-Semite from Georgia to the U.S. Senate is being celebrated and the Republicans are collapsing and issuing self-righteous statements about how they’re upholding the Constitution during the electoral count today, let us remember that we are Americans. There remain tens of millions of us who love our country, our Constitution, and our freedom. We see what’s going on. We are engaged. And we are not rolling over. Like our forefathers, we care deeply about preserving our God-given natural and unalienable rights and ensuring that our children and future generations live in a free and just society. We are not going anywhere.

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  • I will not trust another election in the future. Until we stop mail in voting and enforce voter ID. If it's not too late 

    • Hilary

      I do think that a lot of us believe that.

  • More of the same dominion voting style, Trump could have prevented it with federal monitoring

    • Oleg

      I am sure he did but of course there are others who blocked the efforts.

    • He could have used the national guard, as president he has many forceful options to follow the constitution.  This election merited such action because of recent fraud

    • Oleg

      Yes he could of but I am sure he had other important issues to handle.

    • That's why he won, yet didn't win

    • Oleg

      So much for being rignt on and acting for the people.

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