• McCarthy is a RINO!!!

  • As we see there was only one shot fired, it killed an unarmed female Patriot, and it came from with in...  Let's face it, the Democrats have performed the perfect Coup d'état! They have control of every facet of Government and us clinging to hope of some farcical "Wave" to be the cure is insanity i.e., "Keep using the same corrupted Election Officials, Election Rules, and Voting Machines then expect a different outcome." Even if we were able to overcome the vote rigging, I ask what actions would be taken by the (R's) other than a few firebrands absolutely NOTHING! History under the McConnell Leadership has proven this! 
    So, I close with words from our founding Fathers: "Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it." - Declaration of Independence July 4, 1776, and "The tree of liberty benefits from time to time with the blood of tyrants and patriots" - Thomas Jefferson. 
    I call all to remember the words used by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in his poem "Paul Reveres Ride" to describe the signal used to guide Revere at the start of the Revolutionary War. Only this time friends just one lantern has been placed and It'll be carried through the streets of what's left of our Country by a Patriot shouting..."One if by Land."  Godspeed to those that join and God Bless the USA! 
  • Has anybody heard from Moscow Mitch on the beltway brownshirt's Mar-a-lago raid?  Yep... he was seen in Arkansas buying up all of Hillaries "Bleach Bit" and "Wipes" fearing he's next on the FBI list!

  • Be advised that the Red Wave may run into a Blue tidal Wall of Election fraud in the coming elections OR... OR... No election at all. 

    It is not beyond reason to raise the question: Is the Marxist Democrat party capable of creating a national crisis, so great, that Biden would institute Martial Law and suspend the election? That is precisely what other Marxist Coups and insurgencies have done in the past... They lock down society keeping the public under their thumb using the military and police powers of the government to maintain their power.

    We are witnessing the removal of all the so called ‘White Supremacist’ leadership from the Military and its recent emphasis on inculcating Critical Race Theory as central to the problems most urgent in the USA. Being white and conservative is becoming extremely problematic. Yes, it is that bad folks. The public must wake up, organize, and demand our political leaders expose the critical nature of the war taking place in our government, its civic institutions of culture, and commerce, before the Republic is completely transformed into a socialist nightmare... It may already be to late.

  • All our Fed Reps are owned by the elite therefore we are owned. They are going to keep doing what they've been doing because all we do is chat back and forth. We need to physically confront them to cleanup the entire mess.

    • We need to organize and properly fund an effective resistance movement in America... a unified central organization with leadership and resources to engage real reform. We have not properly organized or engaged the peaceful venues needed to leverage reform (such an organization has been stifled by design)... Anti-commandeering and states nullification of federal law are two areas that could stop federal abuse and return constitutional govenment… but the powers in both political parties see no need for such action.. They are content with the status quo.  We must change that attitude… using the power inherent in the people… their labor. 

      We must organize massive labor boycotts... Everyone staying at home or engaged in local protest of a peaceful nature. Critical and Emergency services personnel exempted. The labor boycotts, coordinated with sit-ins, and access denial operations focused on government and the National Media… should bring the economy to a halt and the polticians to the table too negotiate terms for returning to work. From this position of near absolute power we can demand essential reforms be undertaken… BEFORE the people return to work… Demands for such reforms as a constitutional amendment mandating term limits, the recall of the present government, and new elections, etc.  This method exercises peaceful passive-aggressive acts of civil disobedience,,, non-violent misdemeanor acts.

  • Kevin McCarthy is ALL talk and NO action. He's a DC establishment swamp creature that needs to resign. I'm so sick of these cowardice Republicans. Remember McCarthy and Liz Cheney were calling each other trying to get Trump to resign. 

  • McCarthy is all mouth.

    • Thank you. Any person that puts this on a social app is inappropriate.

  • Rinos are in bed with demonrats. We are lucky that President DOnald J. Trump is still selflessly involved in politics as he vets candidates up and down the ballot. What a wonderful man who dedicates his life to the service of America. No wonder the deep state, rinos, and demonrats hate him.

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