•   Guess we are just hillbilly rednecks

    WH Seems to Think White Evangelicals Are Rednecks Who Watch “Deadliest Catch” and NASCAR | Todd Sta…
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    • the Evangelicals need to wake up because we have a Demonic president and vice president and the rest of the Democrats out there.

  • I wouldn't worry about them, they're too stupid to get an ID to vote.


    • that may be true, but if H.R.1 goes through it won't matter.  They won't need an ID.

  • If they yell, "We at war," It's O.K. to shoot 'em, right?

  • They don't care, as long as George Soros keeps paying them.

    • not only George Soros the rest of the rich Democrat's demonic cronies in the white house.

  • since the Democrats have their way during the election year a person will think everything will be fine NO IT'S NOT IN FACT IT IS GETTING WORSE AS THE DAY GOES BY WHAT'S THAT TELLS US?

  • BLM are the real Americans to the Democratic Party they burned and destroyed private property but Trump supporters are the terrorize because we waved the American flag.

    • I don't consider BLM "real Americans"!


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