• I wonder if they know who the hell pays for teacher's salary's, she even states she knows nothing about anything. 

  • This is EASY to fix.  If you don't teach in the school house, NO PAY!  

  •  It's obvious that the Only way someone get's a teachers or Professors position today is by being a committed Marxist First, All other's need Not even apply. We have the Frankfurt School of Marcuse Radical's running the Department of Education in America the last three decades at least and just a little less noticeable than the Alinsky-ites like Obama and Clinton.

  • Obviously not all teachers are 'members' of the totalitarian NWO crowd, but a lot of them are; as we were warned long ago, at the height of the Vietnam War, when the Communists put out the word to infiltrate all the 'nstitutions,' to change the American structures from within.   (It's called the Gramscian Strategy, for the Communist theoretician behind the concept, of "the long march through the institutions".)  And with the covid-19 'thing' (read, in actuality: bioweapon) being used in that warfare to lock us down and destroy our Western economies and cause a general  Crisis, which gives them an Opportunity for takeover, they have been all ready to ward off the ideoogically-expected Reaction to their revoutionnary measure - and including the vaccine to be developed in its wake (which in fact is not a true vaccine, but a genetic modifier, which doesnt even do the job of a normal vaccine, in generating immunity via antibody production, rather - presumably - simply reduces symptoms), which is the key to what is going on, and the point of the exercise: to seed us with both nano particles to  'mark' us (for our location and our thoughts) and other ingredients to cause our immune systems to go wonky.  The purpose: to make of us - and as many of us as possible - slaves under their control; obedient subjects, on the one hand, and to be Depopulated on the other.  It's all about power and control.  The antidote: Root them all out, with the help of the U.S. miitary, activated (by Pres.Trump before leaving the office) under the Insurrection Act, with the proof available that the CCP had been behind a lot of the fraud that took place in the 2020 elections, and thus that they were interfered with by a foreign power (and powers: the worldwide NWO crowd).  This is an End Game; and it is our responsibility, as believers in essential liberty - of us 'spiritual beings having a human experience' - to see that that End comes out in the Right Way, and for all of humanity.  Which is certainly not to be under the despotic thumb of these cretures of the Dark side.  For, make no mistake: This is a battle between Good and Evil.  On the level of the whole world, now.  So: Man your Battle Stations.  And (between you and me): Prepare for Liftoff.                          

  • This woman is a hatemonger... She wants to work from home UNSUPERVISED because she can control her time, how she teaches, what she teaches and saves money on child care, transportation, and other expenses associated with working away from home.  Give her the opportunity to find another job... she needs to be FIRED.  She knows nothing about anger management or teaching.  Parents are being blamed for not participating in their children's education and when they do they are blamed for wanting to be heard and their ideas acted upon.

  • These teachers need to be put in their place,along with the unions. I have a relative who is a teacher and she can get an bad attitude about life....

  • She knows nothing about telling her medical caretaker how to treat her because she says, “I know nothing about that”. I know I tell my caretaker what I think if I think he is wrong. Does she know anything about raising children and knowing what is best for them as a parent??? What ever happened to the PTA??? She wouldn’t talk to me that way!! I would have her in court for verbal assault. Just because she is a teacher it does not give her any right to speak this way. What happen to professionalism???? She is far from any kind of professionalism because of the communist democrats!!!!

  • Why are we even still debating thisl?!!! 

    Start firing them - start with the trouble makers and the rest will snap back in line racing to get back to the schools. And get rid of all the teacher unions - they are a conflict of interest with the parents and taxpayers (a debate long overdue). And if we have to get rid of all the teachers in those unions, then we still aren't losing our tax dollars and the kids still weren't getting educated anyway. Start over with a series of private schools - and there will be a lot of them stepping up to the plate with the tax dollars freedup. 

    of course I'm primarily speaking about those areas with the large unions that have caused the problems -  the rest of the country is still chugging along. 

  • Teachers were hired to perform a service. The parents are actually customers of public education, and therefore have every right and DUTY to call out POOR SERVICE! 

    If these bloated egos can't be bothered with doing their job as teachers, then they should move on to another profession where their lousy job performance won't be questioned. Try the msm or a government job as a lefist hack. Parents should be pulling ALL their kids out of government schools and doing home schooling alone or create pods with other like minded parents.

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