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February 27

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David Ogden replied to Admin Dee's discussion CBS News Edits Adam Toldedo's Gun Out of Police Body Cam Video
"What ever happened to TV/Radio stations licencing? I know this is a national issue as well, but couldn't they be held to account by losing their license to broadcast? at least temporarily while the lawyers do their thing....
The left is obsessed…"
David Ogden replied to Admin Dee's discussion INSANITY: A Teacher Was Caught On Zoom Attacking Parents Who Want In Person Classes
"Why are we even still debating thisl?!!! 
Start firing them - start with the trouble makers and the rest will snap back in line racing to get back to the schools. And get rid of all the teacher unions - they are a conflict of interest with the…"
Apr 12
David Ogden replied to Admin Dee's discussion Sheila Jackson Lee: Nothing in 2nd Amendment says "we cannot regulate or provide safety"
"Hmmm, by this logic there is nothing in the constitution that prevents us from 'regulating' her speech and to shut her up (as well as the rest of the democraps). "
Mar 15
David Ogden replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion Glenn Beck: The Great Reset of America's Story: How 1619 Project's Lies ERASE Our History
"I always love this stuff from Glenn (as well as when Rush did it in his TV shows). I also have some older tapes from Dave Barton that we used for our kids. This is well worth defending - particularly for my family - which arrived on these shores in…"
Mar 11
David Ogden replied to Admin Dee's discussion Cuomo Aides Rewrote Nursing Home Report to Hide Higher Death Toll
"A financial aspect needs to be investigated for these atrocities - was someone paid off or was there a financial incentive for the state to kill these people (Medicare, Medicade, etc). The Nazi's did this kind of thing to save costs on their health…"
Mar 5
David Ogden replied to Admin Dee's discussion It’s time to take seriously teachers’ refusal to teach
"Never let a crisis go to waist! This is an actual crisis people! ...and a perfect opportunity to push in every direction - 1. break the union (if at least put a chink in its armor) - complete obolishment of them alltogether since they are a clear…"
Feb 2
David Ogden replied to Admin Dee's discussion Obama to Jimmy Kimmel: Seals Can Drag Trump for the White House
"Oh really!? which Seal team would that be? ...the one sold out by you (Obama and especially Biden) rat Bastards!? Seal Team 6? 
I think if any Seal team was called in they would be there to protect and serve."
Nov 20, 2020
David Ogden replied to Admin Dee's discussion Resistance Plans ‘Mass Mobilization’ After Election To Shut Down The Country If Biden Doesn’t Win
"Just an open call out to the useful idiots. "
Oct 21, 2020

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