isra hirsi on Twitter: "eid mubarak ☪︎ while it is a day of ...

Ilhan Omar is no stranger to controversy, and the apple does not fall far from the tree. The Congresswoman’s daughter, Isra Hirsi, who participated in protests in the past as a "climate activist", is now sharing support for the riots currently going down in Minneapolis, where she lives.

In a series of tweets on Thursday, Hirsi shared numerous tweets that could be read as calls to action against the police.

One of the tweets Hirsi promoted was posted by Twin Cities DSA, an antifa-affiliated account.

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  • This is what happens when we allow Muslims into this country. There was a place in our Constitution where it stated that Muslims should not be allowed entry. It probably could not be found now because it's no doubt been removed. Even these men who drew up that document were aware of bad forces in the world and tried to protect us. We shouldn't let people like this have the upper hand here. They should be shown their BS won't be tolerated.

  • What are people with barbarian mindsets/worldviews doing in OUR Congress?

  • wouldnt be a shame if this wretch, like her mother, while participating in a riot became the victims of that same riot? This the type of trash that Obama liked and further imported during his regime from ratholes like Somalia.  Imagine this daughter of a hate monger "participated in protests as a CLIMATE ACTIVIST", yet their (her ancestors) come from a filthy, chaotic, terrorist controlled place on this planet.....and this bimbo is going to tell us about "climate"??? How digusting can it get?This is a disease worse than Corona.......this kind of pestilence keeps breeding every generation.  If people want to live the type of life that these evil beings bring with them.........then move from here to the places that like to cover and abuse women, chop heads for disagreeing, stand in line for your ration and live under constant gun fire and terror. Remember those 200 girls in Africa that were kidnapped by terrorists.......??? This is the world of Omar and the rest of her vile jihadists. 

  • antifa and these muslim PsOS,,,,,,,, kill them all and let GOD sort them out!

    • yep......and the problem is we have mostly weak politicians that kiss their asses.......and are complicit in migrating this garbage to our country as Obama and Clinton did by the thousands while we slept. This riot in Minneapolis is obviously outside agitated, but the useless democrat mayor and governor are clueless how to prevent or stop this rioting. Maybe they need a Julianni class on governance.  Notice how where ever a left wing progressive socialist who likes sanctuary cities has the most problems, budget, schools, riots and homeless?? PLEASE STOP ELECTING LEFT WING POLITICIANS IF YOU WANT TO SAVE THIS NATION. 

  • PRODUCTS OF "GOATS"!!!!! The koran reqads that they have the right to lat with "GOATS"!!!! I'VE GOT PICS.....

    • FUNNY.....yep they do sleep with their livestock.  What a disgrace that we have to bend, cower and put up with this kind of filth because the nation has become PC and refuses to expose enemies, threats and the horrendous acts of cults like the jihadists and their islamic brothers.  

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