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  • Lamestream media started lying to us at the beginning of the Vietnam War, while they provided cover for LBJ - -especially after his "lady bird" bought a particular Texas radio station and turned it into a 24/7 propaganda machine.  By the way, lady bird was NO lady - -she had her own political agenda; "she owned" Bell Helicoptor - -the same bird that started replacing US military coptors that were lost in action.  The two of them also owned a maritime cargo carrier (that I can't remember the name of) - -that cargo carrier transported all US military supplies and equipment to Nam and the Johnsons made their fortune, while in office, thumbing their noses at US!! 

    • Just so,  Remember all politics is always about money and even when it's not; it's always about money.

  • Are they leppers , or hangers on? Does the Media build the Politician, or does the Politician use and mold the media to his/her way of thinking? The two are so intertwined, and have been so inseperable who begat whom? Whichever way it swings, we definitely see the after-effects BUT, if we can, how do we break that Siamese twin in half!?   It HAS been a truth, and in the last twenty years, they have given us two or three of the worst Presidents over the last 46...Skeptical, it was not a molestation, it was a full-blown Felony Rape...yet, what the hell are we doing about it!? We've had a few balanced media companies pop-up, but in one sense, they haven't made even a dimple in their skin, let alone a pin prick to let out their air.  What must we do to get honest reporting, and investigations?

    • WE must first define who we are in this process, and what our intentions for the future are.

      We are masters of the government, which is an untrustworthy servant. 

      Betrayers of the public trust would have us chasing our tales in confusion, freeing them to increasingly usurp our authority to their favor.

      We have installed due process remediation to hold their criminal action to account.

      If that is finally denied, then and only then may we resort to self-defense from despotism, by those seeking to impose it (that means kill their asses dead if needed).

      You asked. It may cost your neck to remedy the problem. Still in?

  • The media participants in this seditious molestation called Journalism are surely known and marked as professional lepers, OR SHOULD BE!

    (Bill Krystal, okay; but Leslie Stahl ????)

    Ben Franklin would be mortified!

    • Fortunately, the Internet provides other channels to gain information than the Lame Stream press.

  • Even when you don't believe them, they are still controling what it is you are thinking about.

  • When are people going to realise that 98% of the news media is controled by the Deep State Globalists. The only thing you hear on the news is what the Deep State wants you to hear. Turn the Damn news off. It's all lies

    • Exactly right and spot on.  It's not about advertising and sales so much (although they do make a buck to eighty thank you very much) as it is about control, making and shaping public opinion, which is political control.

    • I read somewhere that 6 people own all the newspapers and they are all One World Order people.  Turn off the news,  look for alternate websites to get the truth.  Do research before you decide!


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