• How does a country win a war, when a great number of it's population doesn't realize that it is at war ? It's not a war of cannons,cap and ball rifles or muskets, it is a war on America's values,what we as true Americans value most, the protection of the United States Constitution and America as a free republic. I believe that untill the majority of Americans realize that we are trully at "WAR" we will continue to loose it !

    • Everybody doesn't need to be in the know.  You may have heard, "all it takes to win a war is a small dedicated minority.

  • Just WOW- now President Trump needs to declare martial law and take every single corrupt individual, involved in this scheme, straight to Gitmo to await trial.  Once they are tried and convicted, take them straight to the gallows, or a concrete wall and execute.  Allow NO appeals, just end it immediately.  It is long overdue.

















    • YES‼️. So agree with that! 
      we have to get him re-elected so he can do this!

      I would like to see him name these 2 magnificent generals to head CIA and FBI and CLEAN BOTH OUT‼️🙏

    • Agree 100%

  • IT IS HUGE, Please, everyone, listen to his 1st interview since pardon!



  • Sedition and propaganda must not be permitted to frame the National Narrative... it is a Marxist doctrine to direct the narrative and thus the historical record... redefining the laws and fundamentals of our Nation and Culture.   LTG Flynn understands what is happening we have both seen these narratives in 3rd world dictatorships and communist governments.

  • We need more of this sort of communication to reinforce our hope... the MSM is so negative it is difficult to remain calm and confident in anything.

    • I agree about the media. Yahoo News just posted an article about a Fox News host claiming that Trump told a bunch of lies on his interview with Marie Bartiromo. There are a lot of decent Americans that are just fooled by the MSM and will think "Gee, well if Fox is saying Trump is lying, he must be lying"   If somehow these facts that Flynn and McInerny could get out to the American public, I think a lot of the people would want the election to go to Trump. McInerny (I think it was him) said that people should emand that Biden resign.  

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