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  • Braying jackasses like these rate corporal punishment.

    (I do not mean a ruler across the knuckles)

  • Who protest when a police officer is shot America wake because they are our protection we don't live in neighborhoods where armed security protect the rich we don't live in houses with a wall we can't afford professional arms security time to defend those who put their life to protect us time to attack BLM and Antifa and we will see who care about us.

  • Who are the Democratic defending BLM terrorizes just like Antifa 

    • Because they're the Democrats shock troops.Don't believe anything else you hear,because it will be a LIE!


  • These so-called people are home grown terrorists. I say start rounding them up and take them on a one way trip and drop them in the middle east and let them meet real terrorists. They think they're so bad just see if they can survive that. Then they will know what it's like to be a real victim.

    • Why drop these Communist Revolutionists anywhere but the very streets they're terrorizing!


  • wow are you Ignoriant or what !

  • Ok,  Stop any niggars from being sent to hospitals for any reason. !

    • FYI:Jesus ain't white fool!!! You are just as racist as BLM/ANTIFA!!! We are all Gods children fool!!! Get the hell out of my country you racist idiot!!!


    • Even when they give their souls to satan, they still belong to God. We are free to make our own choices right or wrong.

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