Few people know that there is currently a mass protest in Macedonia to get rid of Soros backed civil servants in Macedonia.https://adarapress.com/2017/01/22/stop-operation-soros-macedonia-fi...  If there can be a similar movement here in the United States that would be awesome. It is called Stop Operation Soros, and they want the movement to spread worldwide. Google it. Maybe we can contact the lady with this petition, and renergize it. We need to go after the head of the snake....

https://www.change.org/p/president-donald-j-trump-ban-george-soros-...  We don't have to use this leftist platform, but we can create our own site and have a petition on it..or use this site the tea party site.

And this is a T-Shirt I created and am selling. 

Trump Supporters Should Be Wearing This Tee

Im a student who campaigned for Trump and decided to make this t-shirt to help me while I attend school. And to educate about the the international phenomenon of Donald Trump, Brexit  Putin and his Christian Faith, and the Protests  in Macedonia and how it relates to all the issues Donald Trump has raised during his campaign. 

I will be returning weekly to write short little snippets about current domestic and international events, and how it relates to this country. 

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