If you believe that homosexuality is sick the communist micromanagers tell you that you can't say that anymore. You aren't likely to go to jail for saying it, but you might well be penalized in a variety of ways by the thought and culture police from the politically correct far left. Look at how Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty was treated by the media and culture in general for expressing his views on homosexuality. He was fired, made to apologize for his own views, etc. That’s why a man or woman  who refuses to apologize to one of the commie’s iconic untouchable totems, is such a courageous person. Look how courageous the female Kerntucky clerk was. (What did you do to support her?) If you express views, especially about anything related to the homosexual agenda, that are not politically correct, the far left will everything they can to destroy you. Today's news reports a coach for Colorado State University's football team, who alleged called the opposing team's quarterback a “faggott” during the game, and is suspended without pay for that incident. Again, you can't offend the homosexual movement without grave consequences. For using that word, the assistant coach was basically made to apologize to the “GLBTQ community” and required to participate in mandatory anger management and “sensitivity training.”

While this issue is one of censorship, culturally, by the far left, it goes beyond that. It's part of the far left's attempt to enforce conformity and destroy anything and anyone that doesn't comply. It's not enough that you don't express your hideous and politically incorrect views in public, you can't even think them and if you do, you need to be re-educated. The far left won't stop until it has stamped out every bit of even thought that homosexuality is wrong, or sick, or unnatural, or sinful. The far left doesn't want you to believe it, or even think it.

If you dare to make politically incorrect statements about these issues, the far left wants you destroyed. They will try to get you fired from your job even completely blackballed from whatever profession you're in. But stopping you from earning your living isn't enough of a consequence for the far left, for your act of speaking out against the left's politically correct imposed morality. They will get you blackballed from social groups and circles, and make sure you don't get the holiday cards from certain people (can't call the Christmas cards) or invited to the parties, or what it is they can run you out of. Leftists are quick to point out you aren't going to prison for expressing your views, but the ways the far left seeks to destroy can be almost as bad in real life consequences.

But they just stop at punishing you for what you said. In many instances, like the assistant coach at Colorado State, they make you apologize to the very elements you spoke out about in your comments, which is really rubbing your nose in it. So if you spoke out against homosexuals, you're made to apologize to the “homosexual community,” whoever that is. You can't even think the things you said either. They will send you to so-called “diversity training,” which is actually politically correct re-education to badger you into not thinking those politically correct views, and not even believing them. The purpose of such “sensitivity training” is to get you to believe in perversity, accept as normal that which you don't believe in normal, and not only to stop you from holding your politically correct views, but reverse your thinking and turn you politically correct as well. And if they succeed, they want you to come out of sensitivity training preaching against your former views with the zeal of an ex-smoker lecturing smokers to give up their cigarettes. The far left won't stop until you've been completely converted to the politically correct left, or otherwise destroyed and culturally oppressed for speaking out.

Every time they make someone apologize, and cause them to get fired or suspended, for speaking their minds and uttering politically incorrect views, they further enforce the conformity and extend the cultural fascism. Cultural oppression can be very effective in many ways, and it's a lot less expensive to stamp out what the far left finds offensive this way, than to go the old fashioned way and pass laws to ban such speech and put people in jail for doing it. Sure, the left loves to say, we don't put you in jail for saying such things, you still have freedom of speech. But they are the ones quick to put you in the cultural gulag for speaking your mind.

Our course of action, is as plain as the past cowardice of the white majority. We must organize a white political party that is like a labor union in its protection of its members. Every time a member speaks the truth and is punished, we strike back and ferociously pull every tactic of battle that we can think of, legal suits, demonstrations, propaganda and also recruit. If no member speaks we set up situations wherein we call out our enemies.   After awhile white people will be capable of many forms of self defense. Then we become aggressive and force our enemies on the defensive. The cultural war thus becomes real.

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