Haven't written in a while and probably won't until Tax Season is Over but I think it is time to bring some normalcy into what the Tea Party stands for. After April 15th I plan to be an activist for change.

I just received an email from the Tea Party raising funds for OPERATION HELL, using a 3 pronged approach. the first prong is 1. Demand the Deportation of Piers Morgan!

As my title states we MUST stop this nonsense. Piers nationality has nothing to do with his thinking and deporting him will solve nothing, besides since when has the Tea party been against FREE SPEECH? What are we going to do next? Demand we deport fools like AL Gore and Michael Moore? Just because they have a different ideology doesn't mean we try and control speech. We are better than that. WE MUST WIN ON OUR IDEAS & IDEALS

We are already regarded negatively by the Press and this kind of statement does nothing to further our credibility. We must be seen as the party of sanity, demanding fiscal restraint and fiscal responsibility. Our total focus should be on demanding the Republican Party nominate ELECTABLE Fiscally conservative candidates who will DEFEND the Constitution and we need to do everything in our power to make this happen. Once we have our fiscal house in order we can tackle other issues. We must educate the ill informed about why this is necessary. Bankrupt nations have no voice in the world but today the vast majority of the population thinks government is the solution and we have unlimited resources. They have no concept of what a balanced budget means and no concept of the fact that we cannot borrow our way out of bankruptcy, or the fact that we BORROW over 40 cents on EVERY dollar WE SPEND.

After April 15th, I will be more involved in making the party a success if I can figure out what or how I can contribute; this blog is just a response to our acting as stupidly as the people we criticize. I have even written a book about the changes we as a country need but I am not here to promote my book, so I won't even mention the title or how you can get it.
The leadership of the tea Party should not be promoting insanity and I for one think the forum for that kind of discussion is on the blogs and not a basis for raising funds because we don't like somebody else's free speech and thoughts. At the leadership level we need an easily understandable coherent goals and objectives statement. I challenge you to tell me what the Tea party stands for. We cannot be a voice for every issue or please everyone. We need to FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS

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  • He is one of the poster children for what is wrong with the media and the political system otherwise no one would give him a second look.

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