Voter Fraud!

Whether or not you wish to conform and give in to all the hype about the fabrication of voter fraud, that doesn't make it any less real for true conservatives. All the proof in the world hasn't stopped the liberal media from using it to say that voter fraud is simply fearful wailing of a racially driven electorate.

Beware the errant voter fraud my son! Obama can't win by normal means, so he's obviously going to cheat us and stop us from claiming our prosperous America back! Who can deny us the greatness of Reagan's 1980's? Was that not a better time for all Americans compared to this social fascist that is now occupying the White House?

Every eye is on Ohio, and the possibilities of busing in dirty liberals in from Obama's state of Illinois. I fear we're missing other possibilities. if Colorado goes blue, I'd say its cause the few democrats in Wyoming, who know they cannot effect their sate, are busing over the border to add their illegal voices to that swing state.

We must be vigilant! Beware the busing fraud from your neighboring states, and do not let in the liberals, be they clean or dirty!


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