Victories are Won by the Victorious

Written By: Teague Cuddebackfor Vision to AmericaWant to see a conservative win in November?Those who would be victorious in any endeavor always takethe long view. That’s what our Marxist opposition does.They see the great sweep of history and they look far intothe future. They analyze the reasons why things have turnedout the way they have. They know succeeding and winning isan up and down affair, that it requires specific knowledgeof the enemy and his beliefs, methods, weaknesses and habits,that there’s no gain without pain, and no advance forwardwithout an occasional falling backward, that sacrifice of time,effort, money, and sometimes blood, is part of the journey.If only Republicans, conservatives and Christians, cuddlysafe in their glass towers, suburbs and worship centers couldgrasp this fact. Jesus surely did, but sadly, many of us can’tsee beyond our noses. Mention what has transpired over the pastfifty years that paved the way for the installation of ourtotalitarian president and some ill informed, historicallychallenged, angry short-sighted individual will blare “you areliving in the past and blaming republicans for all the ills inthe U.S.A.” Nothing could be farther from the truth.But should we criticize only the beliefs and actions of theopposition and never consider our own?Can any logical person deny that the “past” is part and parcelof today, still influencing the events and thinking of a greatmany people who don’t understand Republican, conservative oreven Christian principles?Can we ignore the fact that Republicans didn’t then and evennow do not go into certain neighborhoods with an eye towardwinning conservative converts?They think all they have to do is “rally the base.”The truth is, the conservative base is smaller than the liberal base.We are surrounded by fellow Americans who still live withpolitical attitudes and beliefs from by-gone decades.The past has been passed on in memory and emotion and keptalive by current voters. Their narratives are embedded inthe mission statements of existing governmental agenciesand programs.If we want to dismantle those agencies and programs, as somany do, we can do so safely and more permanently only byconnecting with individuals who hold those wrong beliefsand offering replacement beliefs that make sense to them,thereby moving their loyalties from Democratic Party toRepublican Party, helping them understand that Marxism isnot Liberal and that conservative and traditional valuesare emotionally rewarding and spiritually generous,forgiving and liberal because that is God’s nature andHe is the author of true governance.If we don’t do this difficult work, those individuals willstrengthen in their fight against us. Our very personaleducational outreach to them must be sustained over a longperiod of time to make one victory become a second victory,then a third victory, and so on.If we fail in this effort, we can’t begin to deconstructwhat our sins of omission helped to build. We become deniersof history who can’t or won’t face the truth and so helpperpetuate the lie that conservatives are hateful, stingyand racist.If we do a good job now and keep it up, peoplewill be able to look back in history to our era and learnin another time of crisis how we came to our senses, andpulled back from the brink of totalitarianism to regaincontrol over the future of our nation to save freedom foranother generation.The attitude of denial is not uncommon. Republicans fordecades have refused to seek votes in minority communities.They would rather concede those geographic areas to Democrats,believing that everyone living there is out of reach.What lack of faith.By thinking this way, Republicans merely prove what Democratssay about them, that they don’t care about those people,neighborhoods, communities, legislative districts, etc.There are too many Republican voters who childishly thinkall that has to happen is for conservatives to be victoriouson November 2nd, and then all will be right with the world.Anger and disgust over high taxes and excessive spendingactivates people only for a short period of time.It is hard to sustain indefinitely.People get tired, become depressed.And there are other issues to consider.Tea Parties are great outlets for expression but they cannotdo real politics because they are not registered as politicalaction committees. Political action committees can raise moneyto fund candidates, run campaigns, buy candidate and ballotissue-specific advertising, activities with the potential togenerate governing power. I wish every conservative could graspthe importance of organizing and campaigning.It is the glue that binds people together in political victoryand sustains them even in defeat. Sustained political togethernessenables a government to be strong and remain strong. It enablespeople with dissimilar backgrounds to stick together through thickand thin, for the long haul. The nature of politically forgedrelationships takes on aspects of family.I spent this past weekend working with an independent fiscaland pro-life conservative who is running on the Republican ticket.He is Hispanic and running for office in a minority district.The Republican Party ignored his candidacy and offered him nosupport for his run because he is trying to unseat a very liberalLatina incumbent of sixteen years who only once had faced oppositionin an underfunded campaign.I had met the Republican candidate’swife months ago when she was part of a small Tea Party group I wasinvited to counsel. I chose to speak on political history, partystructures and effective campaign planning and messaging techniquesfor reaching the politically unreached. It is easy to tell who’sgetting it and who isn’t simply by the questions they ask.She was getting it.Those who don’t get it usually remain silent or just makedisparaging comments. Some while later, the woman told meher husband had decided to run for political office.His campaign started early applying the principles and methodsI had offered. He is a very committed candidate and a consistentand effective door-to-door campaigner.Today, the incumbent politician he is working to defeat can’tgo home at the end of the day without seeing this man’s yardsigns up and down her street and a huge banner for him directlyacross the street from her house. I’m sure it takes some of thewind out of her sails.It is always a good strategy to demoralize the oppositioncandidate and cause them anxiety without ever having to say anugly word about them. People in the district are talking abouttheir respective candidacies, comparing who’s doing what andwho’s taking the voters for granted, and it’s all free becauseit’s word of mouth.That’s good campaigning.To be victorious requires deep individual commitment, constantworking of precincts, on-going positive campaigning, teachingeverywhere, person to person.Jesus committed himself to working this same way for ourspiritual benefit every day for three years and gave his life for us.We can follow his pattern and do the same to preserve theliberty that allows us to evangelize and worship freely.Still on the sidelines?Don’t be “a moderate.” It’s a curse,a blight on the body politic and a hellish thing.Moderates have no passion for a cause unless they are “it.”They are neither hot nor cold. They have no convictions andcannot be convinced on an issue. They only gravitate to oneside or the other of a cause when it suits them, as they weighand consider their present circumstance against the politicaland economic backdrop that frames it.If they are “religious moderates,” they consider themselves“good” people who understand those gray areas that escapethe rest of us. They are a religion unto themselves.Principles mean little to such persons. They live in the now,and for them, all ethics are situational. Their words and actions,or lack thereof, prove it.And they tend to ignore the lessons history can teach.Don’t forget to examine history.Take it into account. Then, do politics.Make the decision that you will go where you have never beenand that you will do what you have never done.Help America secure its future in a new era of freedom.Call your local political party and find out how to contacta conservative candidate’s campaign near you.Ask questions about the candidate’s beliefs.Find out who and what groups have endorsed their campaign.You can make a significant difference in the effectivenessof a candidate’s efforts. And when you do, you’ll discover thatwhat you’ve done and learned campaigning has etched you deeply.You’ll never see politics quite the same way again.
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