Unions-The Root of all Evil

Unions are the cause of every problem facing America today.

"Progressive" means anti-Christian-organized-crime.

Unions past and present have served workers well. Unfortunately, the unions have been Internationalized and corrupted.

The Democrat Party is merely an arm of the AFL-CIO. The public is finally realizing that one phone call from the global union caliphate can make democrats dance like an organ grinders monkey.

When everyone understands the meaning of the Target 5000 initiative, they will understand the threat unions pose to national security. With over 5 trillion in assets, the unions hold too much power for a republic.

Unions and corporations have teamed-up. The "Economic Crisis" was a sham. Unions partnered to create the perception of a crisis, created a pool of money, and stole it like another pension plan. They destroyed Russia exactly the same way.

The U.N., the United Way, and over 80% of the "Charities" in the Combined Federal Campaign, have components that directly link them to the AFL-CIO and their "Fair Labor" themes.

POLL: Does the Federal Government routinely assume powers that it is not granted by the Constitution?

Unions are embedded into nearly every political organization on earth. If they call a strike because legislation does not go their way, you might not eat for a week. Why? Because they control the media and the food supply chain. This is serious.

The Unions have drained the coffers of long-standing American charity organizations to build an international empire made up of the disenfranchised masses.

The Unions have bankrupted California with health care wages. The theme of "fair labor" ties the individual groups together into a one-voice coalition against the Constitution.

Individual union members do not know what affect they have on the country when they strike. They just do what they are told. The unions control 100% of the media.

The Unions pushed the Health Care law though. The bill gave Obama the powers of a dictator. He is not the dictator. The unions are an organized crime syndicate running our government. They decide who is dictator.

The American people have accepted "Health Reform" taxation without representation. They will passively watch as the new global economic system, backed by over 50 trillion in Saudi wealth funds, undermines the U.S. Constitution, forces him into a labor union, and outlaws his Christian faith.

Why would anyone want to destroy America? In the war on terror, U.S. interests and those of Israel are essentially identical. There exists a force that holds to one ambition. They hope to leverage the power of America and influence her people to destroy Israel.



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  • I will be sending this to a crazy people, yes Democrat, Union, Progressive, Commie.  

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  • I was about to go to the mat with the author until I read the second statement, Unions were very necessary through most of the 20th century but they have become very corrupt in the last few decades and have not found their correct role in the present circumstance. While some of his facts may be enhanced I agree with much he says.  

  • Agreed They are Corrupt!!!!!, at one time long ago when their were sweet shopes they where nessary but now they have been all taken over by the Democratic, commie, socialiest, party. Hell they where better under orginized crime than they are now.

  • It's a corrupt system, where the government union bureaucrats run this country. Regardless of what and who's in office, they can not get fired, they get guaranteed pensions, health care that is Not Obamacare, it's the only game in town.
  • We live close to a VERY strong union town. Butte Montana. Have seen things that would really piss you off! Buildings being built by nonunion people? And have people walking, well lets say they were there, protesting. If they want to get jobs? Beat out all others in the bidding! They have stolen whole trailers, loaded with tools! And it's funny, the police are never around! Cut a 8 ft fence, drive a truck in, hookup and drive off! And no one sees a thing! Unions suck now. At one time, they did a good job. But now, NOT!

  • labor unions and politicians is a horrible bond that needs to be eliminated right now. this is an evil alliance that is killing America. 

  • The American People have 'spoken'.  Unions are being Rejected everywhere - except within Government. Being born/raised IN Detroit, I could write a 2 Volume, 800 page each, Book on the Criminal Actions of Unions:  Automotive, Teamster, Railroad, Construction, and Government.

    "Unions are the schools for Communism." - Lenin

  • Unionized Government Workers are more loyal to their unions than their Country. This means we are basically governed by Union Leaders. Unionism in Government was a terrible idea and must be abolished.

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