To All Tea Parties - Action You Cannot Deny

Here's something that ALL, and I do mean 'all' Tea Parties can get behind and promote. Granted, everyone needs to consider it worthwhile first, but I am confident that not one TEA PARTY group could deny supporting this (except for the 1 or 2 insignificant Tea Parties set-up by the Left to distract and confuse).

I'm going to make this very short... Almost all modern-day Tea Party groups point to the now famous Boston Tea Party of 1773, as their example for pushing back against unfair government taxes. Thereby giving us Taxed Enough Already as the proper battle-cry. Due to politics, Tea Parties have had to take on many issues in addition to the Taxing issues so they find themselves struggling at times for a single issue for Tea Party members to get behind. However, I believe someone has come up with an idea that is PERFECT FOR ALL TEA PARTIES! Before I go on and on about the possibilities that the following idea touches, I think its only fair that everyone read it first. I'm convinced that your TP Leaders will see the logic, and the implications for TP involvement to help push the following.

Ok, here's the link...

Go there and read it through, then sleep on it, or take a break, then come back and read it again. Before anyone signs it they should feel confident that it puts America back on the correct path, but once you do sign it by all means send the link to every darned person in your State.

Not only does the 'idea' makes so much sense, it's an issue that all TP's and their memberships could easily get behind and help push, push, push. Personally, I've now read it a couple of times and I believe it's a true piece of genius and comes at the exact right time. This will be perfect for Operation American Spring to take to DC on the 16th, and have a massive 'sign-up' party on the Mall! Plus it WILL show our corrupted politicians that we are true Patriots looking to save this Nation, and that we WILL do this with... or without them!

Sorry, that wasn't very short after all... was it?

For God and Country!

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