The one question I am asked most often is "what can we do". " It seems that all anyone does is post their opinions and anger and nothing ever gets done."  For many it is true nothing gets done.  If you are one who believes this way,  it is possible you live in an area where people simple don't care.  Then again, it could be that you are seeing nothing done because you aren't doing anything.

There is a way everyone can get active in saving our way of life and protect Liberty and Freedom.  The best way and the most effective way is to unite in every community across America.  Every county or perish needs to have a civilian defense force (militia).  I use civilian defense force because so many weak minded people take exception to what used to be considered an Honorable organization to belong to (militias).  It is never easy to do what is by its very nature a difficult task,  defending Freedom has never been easy.  Be that as it may, the alternative to not defending is far worse by a long shot.  It will take most of your free time, discretionary funds, and any spare materials you might have.  You must be committed, willing and able to take orders, and some willing and able to give orders.  It demands long hard hours of training and at times that training may result in great discomfort or injury.  You will have to furnish all your own equipment and pay for your own background check.  And last, but far from least, you must be willing to sacrifice everything up to and including your life for Liberty and Freedom.

The alternative for you if you find the above too difficult is allowing others, strangers, to ransack your home as they wish.  Be forced to do jobs you do not want to do, without any compensation.  Have your children removed from your care and placed in indoctrination camps.  Forfeit your savings, vehicles, personal property as well as your home to the government.  If you say "this is never going to happen here" you better pull your head out of the sand, it is already started and all of the above is in laws which have already been written and ready to be enacted at a moments notice.  Still disagree?  Have you "Honestly" read the Affordable Health Care Act (Obama Care) or the NDAA bill?  I didn't think so. 

If a large number of counties and perishes across the country had Defense Forces to protect Constitutional Rights, taking those rights from the people would be nearly impossible.   So, the next time someone asks me "what can we do" you can tell them you can join us, the American Patriots defending the highest law of America, The Constitution of the United States of America.  Defend your own part of the country from un-Constitutional laws and governmental aggression or YOU WILL GIVE UP LIBERTY AND FREEDOM and become a subject of obscene ruthless people!


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  • We need to join the Nov 19th march on Washington.

    I'm wondering why the TEA Party is not mustering the supporters to a march on Washington. Time is running out. Once Obamacare is implemented Jan1st it is going to be hard to remove, like a cancer intertwined in the system thru out the nation. Larry Klayman and Reclaim America Now Coalition is calling for a march on Washington Nov 19th. Where are the busses lined up like was done to protest Obamacare 4 yrs ago. Why are we not marching on Washington? Where is TEA Party support for these marches. There is a lot more support for TEA Party than is being shown. I think many are being silent out of fear of DHS showing up at their house at 4 AM in the morning. But, if the busses were lined up, they would be overfilled with patriots. I think a march on Washington is our last hope.
  • The other thing we can do?

    Run.  Run for office, any office.  Just because the Reprobate (republican) party partisans are weak, doesn't mean we have to be.  With poll numbers dropping on all sides, the political positions are ripe for the picking.  By the next election cycle, the damage will be all too obvious, and impossible to hide or lie away.

    Have faith, but faith without works is dead.

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