The End Time

The Book of Revelations speaks of the End Time, the Mayan calendar, as well. The way it looks now, in March Congress is going to vote to increase the national debt by one trillion dollars, because if it doesn’t the United States will not be able to pay its bills.  Sounds like the end of America.  America’s economy and Europe’s, as well, will go into the tank if the money is not provided.  We can’t have that, can we? The greatest part of the problem is people who see only the problem, never the cure. The United States is willing to pass its problem on to future generations as long as it can get away with it.  Rather than this one last effort, they say—to get things under control—increasing the national debt by another one trillion dollars is driving the last nail in America’s coffin.  We’ve run out of options.  The majority of the people agree.


We’ve allowed government to manage our lives and the economy. Look what government has done to us. Look at Kevin Kelly’s economic prediction I posted yesterday.  We are about to witness the greatest economy of all times, springing up in China because America, instead of getting spending under control,  is playing the blame game.  Give your President credit for getting it right for once, for the first time acting presidential.  We’ve got to stop playing the blame game and fix the problem.  


We are all in agreement. We’ve got to cut spending, but a paradigm limitation is befuddling the American people.  We so want our cake and eat it, in fact eating it without the means of paying for it. It means someone later on is going to have to pay for the cake we now eat.  Are Glenn Beck and Joe Smith asses for telling it like it is? 


B.C., before Christ, A.D. after the death of Christ, for 2,010 years, rather than our brother’s keeper, it has been after me you come first—rather than taxpayer, government entitlements and such.  Just by coincidence, the Age of Aquarius is an age of brotherhood.  The establishment calls it socialism—or collectively saved by the establishment—collective salvation, Obama calls it.  Not exactly what Jesus had in mind, if you read what he said. In fact, Jesus turned over the money changers tables, which was against the establishment.  The establishment crucified Jesus.


One of the victims of the Tucson shooting blames the Tea Party.  It makes as much sense as crucifying Jesus.   


The Age f Aquarius, according to astrologers, could have begun a couple of hundred years back, or could yet be a couple of hundred years in our future. Time will tell.  We have not yet arrived. The way it stands now, I’d put my money on China emerging as the leading economy in the world.  I’d bet that the United States is going to end a banana republic with a dictator. 





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  • Getting a divorce, or three, compares to "throwing out a Government" about like getting a small sliver in your finger and getting a stake driven through your heart.

    In this case mediation is a far better choice, so long as it can remain viable.

    Mediation, in this case, means following the votes of those with position. Letting them know that you are paying attention to their actions. Making suggestions to them of the actions you would like to see them taking. And then letting them know whether you are pleased with those actions they do take or not.

    Finally, it comes down to taking corrective action when you are displeased; vote for or against them and ket them Know how you voted and why.

    The ENTIRE House of Representatives could be replaced every two years if the people had the will to do it. If the people have not the will, then just trying to throw out the existing Government would just result in total chaos anyway. And then we would be open for a concerted Foreign Invasion by force of arms rather than the slow Creeping Invasion by "passive" Foreign elements we are experiencing already.

    Likewise, the Senate can be replaced, one-third at a time, over a six year period. With those same provisions standing as there are for the House.

    The President can be replaced every four years, and there is no reason why the current one should not be replaced. What we need to do is to find the right candidate. But, I think, we need to look outside the current crop of Washington Insiders. And, I am in something of a mindset that we need to look outside the current political structure entirely.

    Problems with that are we get a complete unknown trying, like the mighty Salmon, to battle his or her way upstream against a cascading flow of directed opposition, while trying desperately to gather support from a very wary public before being mercilessly beaten into submission.

    Then, even having chosen such a one, they would still remain an unknown commodity until their actions over speak their words.

    It is quandary. But, in today's political climate, I do not know what else there is for us to do.

    We can go with one of the Good 'ol Boys, or Girls, and get a Demican or Republicrat who will pretty much end up playing the same old game while we continue to work on the House and the Senate to try and bend them to OUR will.

    Or, we can go for a complete unknown and hope for the best while remaining fairly certain it couldn't be much worse than what we have now.

    Just throwing out this Government seems to me to be about like "throwing out the baby with the bath water." The problem is that this Nation is the Baby and it will almost certainly land in the hands of a malicious stranger from Foreign Lands.


    We MUST rely on the Ballot, and NOT resort to the Bullet.


    Maybe, we will find that fourth mate.

  • I'm a three time loser in marriage. It gets to the point that there is no return. My fourth marriage was the right one.  I don't see any hope for the government we've got.  I think we've got to start from scratch. It's in the Constitution that we can throw this govenment out and begin again.
  • Treasurer?

    Uh, let's see.

    one, uh . . . two, . . . three,  . . . four, THUMB! Got it!

  • Sidekick? Uh . . . thanks?

    Sure. What have we got to lose?

    It would be nice to see this site, and others like it, put to the use for which they were intended.

    What is the T.E.A. Party all about anyway, if not trying to save this Nation?

    If a few of us can start rattling some cages, maybe some of those other members will wake-up and get back into the action.

  • Thank you Phil....That would be the greatest show of support for the nation that I could ever ask for...and that is for all of you to prove me wrong about your getting involved.  So I will ask you again to PLEASE PROVE ME WRONG...... and if you do, I will indebted to all that contribute to that effort.
  • I concur....
  • Actually, you guys are selecting that third door I presented. I do not, nor would I really want to halt the development of China along the road she is now starting to follow. As I said, she is emulating our early progress.

    It would just be much nicer of we could recover ourselves and avoid plunging into the pit that awaits us along the course we are now following.


    This will require some "Out of the Box" thinking that our current Career Politicians just do not seem to be any longer capable of. This means we need a  POTUS who is an unknown in Politics. Someone who has not already become just another cog in the Socialist Mechanism of Big Government.

    With two Million members, The Tea Party should be a great help in finding someone. And the Tea Party would also be a great source of support.


    As to the idea of a new Political Party, this part of what had the Powers That Be running for cover in November. But it is also problem. 2 million spread over 50 States, that's only about 40,000 per State. There are more in some States and fewer in others, but we also need to work on those numbers.


    I do not know if it would be proper, I do not consider this my own idea, but we could Stay the Tea Party, just make a slight change of emphasis. How about T. E. A. Party! For Taxed Enough Already Party!

    We could do this unofficially and use the acronym to identify ourselves. I really think that was how it all started anyway. It is just time for us to rally behind that flag and make our stand, Loudly and Proudly. Telling those in the current power structure to watch out for their actions because we Definitely are!

  • Phil, that is an interesting concept you have there about the creation of a third party.  I can even add a little justification to what you have already stated.  With the two parties that already exist, the Republican and the Democratic, they are going to without failure, still nominate the same old cookie cutter, run of the mill candidate to fulfill the same agenda in which they have become so well accustomed to and comfortable with.  In fact, after the last twenty years of a back and forth reign of power between the Democrats and the Republicans, how many in office have lifted so much as one finger to quell the massive invasion of illegals into this country????...How many have lifted so much as one finger to put a halt to the massive costs that have been placed on this country because of the illegals?  Now this is only one example, there are many examples, but the fact remains that in reality, ever since Reagan left office, you really can't tell a Democrat from a Republican.  So yes, a third party is a possible means of reigning capital hill back in line.  I really could care less if the new party was called the Tea Party, The Constitutionalist Party or the damned Pot Party, as long as it gets the job done.  I do fear though that getting the people, the masses that just love to rant and blog and complain in step to do anything more than give lip service...Sooo...PROVE ME WRONG...PLEASE!!!!
  • Gentlemen, it is true that all of the potential scenarios are very possible.  And, without any efforts to avert the present course, all are also probable.  Now I ask you...Are these the possible scenarios for the future the way you wish to exist?  They sound pretty bleak to me.  I wonder, when the first generations of settlers coming by ship from Europe, had the same outlook...doom and despair.  I wonder if the settlers crossing the great plains by connastoga wagon trains had the same outlook that they were all going to die of thirst and starvation and, if they were lucky, they would die a quicker death at the hands of marauding indians.  Defeatist attitudes.  Well, my friends, I have yet to give into that, although I cannot argue that each and every scenario stated here is an extreme possibility.....IF WE LET IT BE SO....we have the power, the intelligence and the foresight to change the course.  If we do not, then we will be read about in history books and be referred to as the people and the nation that failed and vanished from existence.  Oh, but the reasons will be untold, because by that time, the freedom of speech will have long been obliterated.  The teachings of this will be done in whatever manner suits the government and the way they want this story told.  yes, these are the paths that await us.....but only if we allow it to be.  We cannot blame the government completely.  We play a part in this as well....and do nothing in a time and situation such we are facing now is the same thing as assisting and enabling the government to destroy us.
  • Like I said, there are "several doors."
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