I just want to Know why the name is Keep the Promise & what does he owe to them scary to me. Wilks were  Frackers new to their money THE OTHER 2 WELL VERY QUESTIONABLE?? 

 I am not ready for a lying POLLI-Shit-Can, to give our COUNTRY TO MORE HEDGE FUND SCUM THAT OWE TAXES are YOU???

 Trump, is not perfect, but their is a sense of sincerity FOR OUR COUNTRY, OUR VETS, OUR JOBS, OUR MILITARY,  OUR SECURITY,.OUR SANITY!! PLUS HIS LEGACY AS A MAN, HE DOESN'T BUILD JUNK??? HE IS PROUD & NOT WITHOUT FAULT ARE ANY OF US??? HE IS A MAN & SPEAKS WHAT WE THINK IS THAT WRONG??? """WITHOUT BORDER WE ARE NOT A COUNTRY""" I live in a BORDER STATE NOT PRETTY! . Maybe that's wishful thinking, we have tried the polli-shit-cans they are FECKLESS GREEDY, POWER HUNGRY Parasites. SORRY FOLKS I WILL TAKE A SELF MADE BILLIONAIRE NOT PERFECT BUT IS HUMAN HAS HEART SOUL & HIS OWN MONEY!!! We keep going round & round with the status quo & expecting a better out come NOT GOING TO HAPPEN... That's called insanity. 

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