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  • Obviously these (funded) radicals have no real intention to EVER assimilate into the American culture, claiming to one day, achieve their so-called dream. It's BS!!!! They know it, the DEMs know it and the turn coat Republicans know it as well.
    There are already 'just' laws to allow legal immigration into this country. It must be processed in a legal fashion. Changing laws for blatant law-breakers makes NO sense to me. Enforce the borders with the funds that were duly appropriated for that purpose. Applying the insane suggestions by the LEFT or by these marching malcontents from Taco World, is plain anarchy.
    It's criminal, as in the laws that were broken by virtue of sneaking into America. If this crap persists, we should insist that our govt. apply Mexico's immigration laws to these scoundrels. You could then bet you wouldn't see a single one of them interested in coming here.


    Other than that, GO back to where you came from and STAY THERE! 

  • It is completely disgusting that many (if not most) of the illegal immigrants from Latin America have zero interest in this country other than what they can get out of it.  As a blue-collar man, I have had the displeasure of having to work with many of these people.  While I do not believe that illegals are worse than anyone else as human beings, I do believe that they are certainly not interested in the intentions for this nation of the founding fathers.  Also, whether in the workplace or in society as a whole, they deliberately segregate themselves from the rest of us even as they take our jobs.  Obama and the Republican neocons who support the legalization of illegals must be thrown out of office. 

  • Do we not see it is media corruption that is moving this? We have known racists supported as commentators for just that reason, to suggest that American and our freedoms do not work. We all should be aware that Hitler had the same radical Marxist media that we see in the USA! We should also admit that the radical left media in the US accused the Tea Party and many other Conservative groups of being as Hitlers! It was not long after this that they started supporting the same things that the accused by them were not guilty of!

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