Chinese Laundering of Nevada---Chinese factory solar cellsBuilt on stolen land that smells,Where decaying dead bulls used to graze,Where helicopter snipers blaze.Oh give me a home... where the Buffalo -- no longer roams,Where ranchers used to call their homes,Where Senate thugs like Harry Reid'sPractice black heart dirty deeds.Bringing back hoe's wheels that rattleWhere his Brown Shirts bury cattle,Where Range Land once was free for grazersNow belongs to BLM Tasers.Sold to Senator Reid and Son,Before the Chinese factory's done,This land was free, now smell the stenchAnd drag the Reid's before the bench."Congress, Senate, pigs of POTUSJoin me at the courts of SCOTUS...Fight corruption where they feed,If not, Then Kiss my Harry Reid"G.Molenaar -- 28 April 2014PO Box 576Foley, Minnesota
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