America as Desired by Obama . . .

Morally, Fiscally Bankrupt

You’ve seen those commercials where someone is saying, “ . . . we don’t make things in America any more . . . ,” a sad commentary on what was once the greatest manufacturing country the world ever knew becoming the greatest outsourcing country the world has ever known. Somewhere along the way America lost its greatness. Now, at a moment in our history where greatness is required of our leaders, instead we’ve been blessed with Marxist ideologue Barak Obama who, eschewing mediocre 2nd World status for the country is aiming us toward abject and utter Banana Republicdom$$. His economic policies have all led in the wrong direction and merely enriched the wallets of his supporters, but out of charity let’s forget all that, let’s look at his plans for our future.

Obama has promised his economic and energy policies will “bankrupt the coal industry” and “necessarily cause the price of electricity to skyrocket.”

And all of this madness is based upon a lie called “global warming” which even the ultra-liberal London Times has denounced:

It’s never ever been about cleaning up the atomosphere or about us making the environment better, Obama’s “handler” Joel Rogers has admitted that cap and trade will NOT stop “pollution,” it will just tax those who emit . . . which is a two-fold lie . . . it will tax all of America and all Americans virtually out of existence while enriching the pockets of almost twenty progressive foundations (such as the Tides Foundations, the Joyce Foundation and numerous shadow foundations funded by these two) while, must we remind you, carbon dioxide is NOT actually a pollutant. Profit for the liberal elite and power for Obama. Here’s the endgame he’s brought in store for us . . . .

People like Al Gore (5th largest owner), Obama, Rogers, Richard Sandor, Maurice Strong, Franklin Raines, George Soros, about a dozen Goldman Sachs people and the Goldman Sachs firm itself (10% owner), Gore’s London-based Generation Investment Management company -- all of these groups through their ownership of CCX (the Chicago Climate eXchange) which with the passage of cap and trade legislation will gain commissions on virtually every single “trade” in what Richard Sandor has admitted will be annually “a $10 TRillion industry.” Since cap and trade produces NOT ONE new product and adds NOT ONE new service for Americans or the world . . . this means that America’s $15 TRillion economy will become a $25 TRillion economy overnight (with no new products or services and thus all prices will rise 67% the ultimate tax on breathing . . . . The time has come to ask not “Who is John Galt?” but rather “Where is John Galt”** because the country needs him NOW.

The most important truth YOU need to get out of this blog is this, The situation is bad, critical, nearing meltdown and yet, NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT THE MOST IMPORTANT TRUTHS FACING OUR COUNTRY TODAY. On occasion they’ll mention the roughly $14 TRillion national debt now growing by leaps and bounds under Obama . . . but no one is talking about the $110 TRillion in Unfunded obligations^^ the nation faces from Social Security, Medicare and the federal side of Medicaid . . . nor are they mentioning that it’s highly likely that our Unfunded obligations from Welfare and similar entitlement programs could add another 80% to that figure pushing the nation toward total debt and unfunded obligations in excess of $215 TRillion.

In fact, the U.S. congresses and presidents have made a policy of definitely NOT TALKING about these matters since about 1977 when the combinations of building social security obligations, the new welfare state, Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” met the new wave of outrageousness with Jimmy Carter’s Community Reinvestment act of 1977 when for the first time the federal government REQUIRED lenders to make knowingly bad loans. The fact that this evil mortgage guarantee program could be expanded four times (’92, twice in ’95 and put on steroids in ’98) while the set-asides since 1934 and 1965 were blithely ignored shows you how corrupt the system was. But in orders of corruption, you ain’t seen nothing yet, baby, because Barack Obama’s now in charge.

Of course, Barack Obama who reportedly was extremely morose during the years 1989-93 when the Berlin Wall fell and the Warsaw Pact nations and U.S.S.R discarded communism . . . now has his opportunity to deliver to the world an utterly bankrupt United States of America and all will end well in the future hee-hee-ho-ha-hee-hee-ho-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha . . . the combination of what progressives have already done to us with their “spread the wealth FDR and LBJ ‘Great Society’ schemes” and what Barack Obama is doing to us, will make disaster concepts like nuclear winter and other contemplated environmental disaster scenarios seem like a day at the beach.

Ya’ll live long, strong and ornery,


$$ and meanwhile our media does not report that the real unemployment rate (a.k.a. the functional unemployment rate has reached 17.6% and with underemployment## we're now talking about 22% of the country facing job problems

##underemployment involves only having part-time work; former managers, etc. now having fulltime McDonalds' jobs and the like

^^ Look at how this played into the hands of the progressive enemy among us (folks like Saul Alinsky author of “Rules for Radicals”; and Richard Cloward and Frances Piven whose Cloward-Piven strategy was employed by them to create the American Welfare Rights Organization, AWRO, in 1967 with a black militant named Wiley to bankrupt the city of New York and just miss bankrupting the entire state of New York by using street intimidation tactics to get eight million new welfare recipients on the rolls by 1969. Cloward and Piven when bragging (orally and in writing) about their “accomplishments” recommended that voter registration and housing be their followers’ next areas of emphasis. The picture of President Clinton signing the Motor Voter Act with both C and P of C-P Strategy standing directly behind him is classic. MVA was called “a license for massive voter fraud” for good reason, now a Ms. Fernandez in the Department of Justice, already infamous for not prosecuting the 2008 New Black Panthers’ voter intimidation case and telling roomfuls of people that the DOJ will NOT prosecute Black defendants in voting cases with White victims, in the same roomful of people has stated that Motor Voter Act laws (weak as they are) so that the dead, the moved away, the duplicate and triplicate and other fraudulent voters carried on the rolls of a city, etc. can not be removed from the rolls. And who has been key in voter registration and in housing abuses? Lawyers like Barack Obama shaking down banks and other lenders forACORN . . . ACORN which gave us at least 18 full-out years warring against the system they hate and getting loans for people without I.D., without wealth or income, without jobs, without credit references, with abysmal credit ratings, people without rental histories, people without even rental addresses, and most important of all, even illegal immigrants. Somehow we’re NOT supposed to tie together the fact that the sub-prime lending crisis was the main ingredient in our poisoned soup?

**actually Rajjpuut would NOT recommend either the Fountainhead or Atlas Shrugged from Ayn Rand but instead “Capitalism the Unknown ideal,” “For the New Intellectual,” “The Virtue of Selfishness,” or for fiction fans the brief novelette “Anthem.”

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