Only God has Given America This Abundance.


The Freedoms that this Country has received from God are evident by Our abundance. Although I'm no longer in the military, I have seen, and remember, looking over the Barbed Wire Fences across the Minefields into the City/Slum of Guantanamo, Cuba. The Abject Poverty and the clearly visible Bread/food lines daily, signs of the Socialist, Communist government right off our shores and allowed by earlier generation of American Liberal Politicians, were reminders of just how good We the People of this great land has it.This Country, established on Godly principles and Defended by the Brave Women and Men of Our Military forces, has been Blessed beyond measure.

My Brothers, and son with his friends that still serve today, have seen the same things in the third world countries of today happening still.

Social experiments in Communism and Radical Islamic states continue not to learn from the failures of yesterday. As the U.S. of A. pushes forward on the path to socialism, propped up by the Obama administration and his Liberal minions, the failings of the Job market and Healthcare along with the Governments other illegal activities has nearly driven America to the breaking point.

How is it that the Liberal Media doesn't seem to see the Failings of this Administration and continues to push the whacked out follies on us at the word of our Resident( not president because He doesn't Lead anyone of Right mind) that occupies space in the White ,but tarnished, House. The meeting of the mindless robots, that Obama called to him this week, came out spewing the failed lies and fake promises of Obama's corrupt idea of government controlling all minutia of our lives.This is in No Way a Government By the People and For the People, but By Obama and for Obama. Stop this Frankenstein and the Monster that he's created. Vote Vote Vote, and press the Republicans to follow the Moral Conservatism that is the basis for true Liberty and Freedom everywhere.

Any Veteran that has been overseas can attest to these things and tell you about it. Act now, and stop this Mad Experiment fro continuing in Our United States.

Be Radical for the Just and Right things in your Conversations, Actions, and Prayers, Amen.

We might just be able to keep the American Dream Alive.

Like my Day Today = 3 AM and already cooking. 1st Turkey in oven at 4 AM. 1 in and 1 to go. Gonna' be a Hot time in the Old Town Tonight.
I'm sure looking forward to cooking all day with Amber and my Mom. Next to BBQ it's the best meals of the Year on the Holidays.

Baked Turkey, Home Made Stuffing/Dressing, Giblet Gravy, Sweet Taters with Lots of Butter and Brown Sugar Smothered in Tiny Marshmallows, Cranberry Sauce, Fresh Bread, and Pumpkin Pie Topped with Whipped Cream, Washed down with Piping Hot Coffee and the best Company in the Whole Dang WORLD. My Family, Praise the Lord.

"God Has Been Good to Me" Thank you JESUS.

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas my Fellow Americans.It has been and always will be an Honor to serve You.

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