One Nation Under Judgment

4064040717?profile=originalOver forty years ago I remember sitting in front of the family TV on Sundays. I was quite struck by the commitment and preaching of the TV Evangelousts of the time. They always seemed so upset about the way they saw the nation headed.

I remember the preechers saying over and over again that God would not bless our nation if we turned away from him. He had always been there for us. At Valley Forge with Washington, at the signing of the emancipation Proclamation, the dark days of WW1 and WW2. He always guided and blessed America.

Now our schools have closed the door to him. Not even a moment of silence anymore to give thanks. Not even a Christmas tree anymore. Homosexuality and other sins against God are openly promoted to the students both very young and older. In most cases the name of Jesus Christ in banned from mention at all in our schools.The silent holocaust has killed over 50 million unborn babies through abortion murder!.Yes, the abominations to God are many.

Just a short time ago a Muslim Imam opened the Congress with a prayer to Allah. I would have walked out but our politicians stayed! It seems the Islamic God is now ok to promote in America by the state, but not the true and loving God of Abraham the bible and Jesus Christ.

Our nation has surely fallen under Gods judgment now. We can look around us and open our ears to hear and our eyes to see. Our nation is sick with perversion and self worship. Our leaders are robbers and seek self and money. Many have turned their back on God.

The Evangelists I saw on TV many years ago warned many times this could happen. And it did. There is little time left for America now. We have but a short time to try and turn back to God and Bring back our beloved America. Soon the full wrath of god shall be upon this nation if we do not turn around. America the beautiful will turn ugly and perish.

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  • I miss America, GOD BLESS EVERYONE :=)
  • This whole issue of religion in the schools would vanish if we were free to choose our own schools and classes, and not be extorted to pay the government to provide things we don't want.  See this video for more details:

  • Thank you all for your kind comments. As a Bible believing Christian in Obama's America sometimes we feel very alone. The children of Christ must get ready to do battle. Let us dawn all the armor the lord has given us! Drive Satan out of the White House and out of America!

  • Abraham asked God to spare Sodom and Gomorra if righteous people lived there, not Lot (Genesis 18:16-33.)
    I study prophesy of the Bible and end times. Unraveling before our eyes are the fulfillments of prophesies written thousands of years ago. I believe that it is indeed a time to be preparing for the return of our Lord. Revelations can be hard to understand so a good place for the curious to start is Luke 21 and Daniel 12. About 25% of the Bible talks about prophesy. If anyone would like a Bible please message me and I will send you one. God Bless!
  • Thomas,

    Thank you for your words. ONLY God knows the future with 100% certainty. All these predictors are only guessing like any one of us can do. But, GOD knows the truth and knows the future. The United States of America never even existed when the scriptures were written and yes, he knows who will and will not support his chosen people, in the past and in the future.

    I don't understand a lot of it, however, I don't question God. And anyone that does will have to answer for that on judgment day.

    I do have the hope and believe that God will not let us be destroyed as long as we have millions of Christians still in this land. I put a lot of that faith in the that statement due to Sodom & Gomorrah. Why? Because God told Lot, "If you can find just 10 people that still believe in me and will keep my commandments, I will not destroy the city." Of course, Lot couldn't 10 people and destroyed it.  I could be wrong, but feel God is a Just God and there are still millions of believing Christians here in our land and I believe if we turn from our wicked ways and put our faith back in God and support his chosen people, he will not destroy our land.

    I could be wrong!! I could say more, but have to get ready for Church.


  • 2015. The final Harbinger takes place this year. We need a revival. With all things happening, wonder if rapture happens also. Never know...
  • Judy and James,   I am happy that at least someone finally acknowledged the FACT that America is never once mentioned in the BIBLE!!  The Lord 'uses' different nations all through out history to accomplish His divine purpose.  ISRAEL is in an everlasting Covenant relationship with God, and is therefore protected, in a sense, and will soon be the center of the world, in which 'ALL THE NATION WILL HATE AND GATHER AGAINST in the very end,' at Revelation 16:16.   The USA, perhaps, could have maintained a more favored role with God, we have chosen not to support Israel [Genesis 12:3] and now we are already paying thru the nose.  God will not elevate any other nations anymore-- as the time is too late and the wheels are already set in motion.  All it would take a one simple EMP, or the economic melt down to finish us off.  Yet,  individuals can still be Saved and not go to hell.  Death is nothing more than a doorway to everlasting life -- in one place or another, and Jesus talked more about hell than He did about heaven, in the bible.  I hope these facts sink in to a few others who read this.

  • Bonnie...I can help you with punctuation if you would like...but good comment...lay off the "ALL CAPS" ....your passion is appreciated...

  • Chris is right i get updates from the convention of the states site.   our founders knew this is one of the things we need now and MORE WAY MORE OF US AS A CONSERVATIVE OCCUPY MOVEMENT WE CAN DO IT BUT WE NEED TO GET OFF OUR REARS FIRST.  IT IS A NEW YR AND OVOMIT IS NOT GNG TO STOP WE KNOW IT TIME FOR US TO MAKE SURE THE NEW CONGRESS KNOWS WHO PUT THEM THERE 

  • It's amazing how the "left"...i.e. Satans' Spawn...perverts the meaning of words..."Progressive", for example. What they advocate is anything BUT "progressive" is a complete reversal into the miseries of historical tyranny and oppression, they being the tyrants and oppressors they so revile...

    "Revisionist history" is suited for one purpose deceive the masses for the acquisition and abuse of power over others.

    That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. LOCK AND's going to get real interesting real fast. And in case that's not clear enough, IMHO, 95% of Congress and the House need to be shot for treason. Let's start with the our way down from there.

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