Obama's Passport is a Fraud

I am an investigator and paralegal.  I have a background in criminal investigations and national security.  I examined Obama's mother's passport files, and discovered that she went to Indonesia alone.   Children never traveled alone, they traveled on their parent's passport.  She was required to submit a photo of herself and her son, and a notarized copy of his birth certificate, to the US Passport office.  The file contains no photo and no copy of any birth certificate.

She went to Indonesia by herself.  Then she went to the US Consulate in Jakarta, and tried to add him to her passport, to bring him back to the United States.   He was in Indonesia when she got there.  She picked him up and tried to forge a US Passport for him.   His application was denied.

Barak Obama has never had a valid US Passport, because he was never born in Hawaii - the birth certificate controversy is a diversion, to take you off the passport issue.  

All you have to do to unseat Obama is call a committee, and I will bring a valid US passport for a child issued in 1971, a few years later.  I have an original passport for a parent and child.  The committee can simply examine my passport and compare it to Dunham's passport - they don't match.  

I tried unsuccessfully to garner a reaction from Sen. Graham and Boehner - they refused to reply to my concerns.  They want Obama to complete his term without rattling their friends in Congress.  I want Obama to leave, NOW.  The longer he stays, the bigger the chance he will spark a civil war and marshall law.  

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  • Not like I haven't been trying.  That's all I do.  I sit in front of the computer and blog and email all day long.  I've been doing this since last year.  It's like nobody hears me.  We don't need to go thru this.  We can end this right now.  Just call a committee, subpoena the passport legal office, asked them how Obama got to Indonesia without a US Passport, what were the rules when he was young, and why did the passport office demand that I add my daughter - and failed to demand that Obama's mother add her son?   Let's get to the bottom of this.  What is Obama's mother doing at the consulate in jakarta, trying to add her "son" to a passport - when she should have added him in Hawaii before she ever got on the plane.  Let's ask the passport officers to explain it.  

  • Then let's hang this fraud and EVERYONE who has done this to America.
  • We are not sure about his birthplace, but we know it was not Hawaii.  

    The passport laws for children were exactly the same in 1971, when my former husband and I filled out our daughter's application.  He was in the Navy stationed in Japan during Viet Nam. She was born in the Army Hospital in Japan.  I had an existing passport - we had to add her to my passport in Japan, to bring her back home.  They gave us the very same forms that Obama's mother filled out.   The form is very specific about children.  They must be added onto the parents passport.

    Dunham' filess are posted online under Strunk V. Dept. of State.  Mr. Strunk went to Federal Court to have them resleased.  When he posted them online, I expected to see a photo of little Barak in the files,  When there was no photo - I knew immediately what happened.  

    She never had an American birth certificate, we know that.   Zullo realized what he was looking at immediately.  He also asked, how did he get to Indonesia and back, without a valid US passport.

    That's why we need a committee to investigate it.  The passport legal office released the files, but refuses to explain how he was able to travel without a US passport when he was a child.  They didn't issue passports to children - then he suddenly pops up with a US passport as an adult.

    I confronted the passport legal office myself, and got no cooperation.  They know they blew it, and the best defense is silence.  they have been trying to suppress this story ever since.  They don't want any committee to examine his mother's passport files.  And I have a passport for a child issued several years later, showing the correct passport.

    I also traveled with my daughter thru the Honolulu airport in 1971.  My passport is stamped by Customs and Immigration.  You cannot get of the plane and walk thru customs with a small child, without the valid passport.  Dunham traveled alone - we want to know why and how this was accomplished.  He just suddenly appeared in Jakarta.  He may never have been to the States at all.The suspicion that he is not a citizen, by virtue of his childhood passports - should be enough to call a committee.  

    I told Zullo, if they made me add my daughter - why didn't they make obama's mother add him?  I think it deserves an answer.  Her passport should match mine.

  • Sharon Hodges, do you know the regulation you are quoting from other than "passport laws". And just so the record is clear; we are talking about the year 1965, where she went to Indonesia?  

    Another thing I am confused about...are you saying Obama was born in Kenya and somehow ended up in Indonesia in 1965, where his mother tried to get a US passport for him to come to the US? Can you walk us through your narrative again? 

    Additionally, if the Immigration and Naturalization Department states they destroyed thousands of "files in the 1970s,  but not passport applications, presumably yours would be on file; correct, and the date that you, and your husband, filed for passports?

    ex animo


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  • US Passport application for parents and children at the time that Obama was small, stated:  Group Photo Required.   My husband had to take several sets of photos of me and my daughter before the passport office would accept them.  it was complicated.  They changed the laws in the 1990s.  The reason they wanted children on the parent's passport - had to do with "age of consent" for the loyalty oath.  All Americans are required to take a loyalty oath as a condition of the passport.  They did not consider children old enough to administer the oath.

  • Yes, passport laws required parents to take a photo of their child and submit it along with their application - there is an "add on" section for children.  I filled out the very same forms in 1971.  I added my daughter.  Obama's mother's file contains no photo or documentation of her son even existing.  She filled out a second form at the consulate in Jakarta, and tried to add "Barak Obama" - it was denied by the passport office.  They probably asked her the same quesion, why didn't you add your son in hawaii before you left the United States?  How did your son get to jakarta without a US passport.  He didn't get anywhere - he was living there.  They changed his name to Soetoro and tried to bring him back - but that didn't work either.  God knows how he ever got into the United States.  the person that forged the birth certificate, didn't know that the passport laws for children changed in the 1990s - they never checked.  It's the smoking gun.   All congress has to do is examine her files and examine my daughter's passport - and I don't even have to be there.  My ex-husband, my daughter's father, works for the NSA.  And he knows, because he is the one who took my daughter's photo. I contacted him and asked him to come forward.   He refused.  He's covering up too.  He was always part of the NSA conspiracy, so I can't expect him to suddenly clean up his act and confess what he did.  

  • Is there a regulation stating that there must be a picture of the mother with the baby; Sharon?

    ex animo


  • If you can get to Sheriff Arpaio, I definitely want to know if he is aware of the passport problem.  There has been an effort to discredit me.  I'll explain.  My former husband works at the NSA.  I reported him for national security violations.  The NSA was not exactly thrilled to know what he did, so they sent a couple of crony FBI agents to my home and told me to stop talking.  I threw them out.  I hired a private detective who ran a records check - he discovered that someone had tampered with my public records, deleted any reference to my marriage to my ex-husband.  The NSA put up a false flag firewall whenever anybody searches for background information on me.  Zullo ran a background check and ran into the NSA firewall, that essentially discredited me as a crazy person.  He mentioned it to me, so I knew he was poking around in my records.  I went to Federal Court in 2012, to correct all those records.  The FBI went over to the Federal Court and removed the papers from the files.  When I confronted the Clerk, - she ran out of the room screaming "I don't want any part of this".  Then I was basically accosted by some "men in black" - a security guard helped me get out of the building before they could arrest me.  They are really really bad - they will and do shut down lawsuit, they arrest people for no reason especially troublemakers like me.  Still has nothing to do with Obama's mother's passport, but Zullo made it an issue - I was just trying to bring the information - only there was a big hesitancy to release the information because apparently Boehner and McCain, Graham, don't want it released.  I want Obama on the next plane.  

  • Okay. I understand. I'm going to work on it. I'll be back. Need a couple days.

    You need to be cautious.

  • John  Boehner can form a committee right now to examine Obama's passport records.  It's called "Calling a Committee".  Then they would subpoena the US Passport Legal Office to testify to the authenticity of his mother's passport.  Then they need to explain how Obama traveled from Hawaii to Indonesia as a child, without being on his mother's passport.  This is the same question Mike Zullo asked me.  Mike Zullo telephoned me when he knew I had the files.  I agreed to meet him and I handed over copies of the file.  He was astonished, however, I didn't get the feeling that he was going to expose it, so I told him not to include me in his investigation.  Mike Zullo knows that Obama's mother never put her son on her passport.  Children did not have separate passports until the 1990s - I have an authentic passport for a child issued in 1971.  Zullo wanted me to give it to him, but I told him, no.  I am keeping this passport in a secure location until a committee is called. Then I told him I will bring it to the committee myself.  Boehner and Graham do not want me showing up at Congress with this passport.  I told both Boehner and Graham myself, and neither would respond.  Graham ran over to the White House and told Obama.  Graham is a snitch working for the Dems.  Zullo is also suppressing this information, I don't know if he told Sheriff Arpaio or not.  I worked with professional investigators for 20 years.  You never agree to meet anyone in a place decided on by someone else.  I couldn't get Zullo to agree to my meeting.  I wanted to get this thing moving, so I agreed to meet Zullo, but I parked my car and switched cars, so I couldn't be followed.  Zullo showed up in uniform wearing a gun - and basically blew the meeting.  Everybody was watching.  And he was extremely upset about something.  And he did not like me very much either.  That happens when one investigator is trying to control an investigation - and finds out there is a rogue investigator.  I'm the rogue.  I feel like Paul Revere here, I keep yelling about this, and nobody hears me.  Thanks for reading.    The Republicans in Congress can get rid of Obama next week, by simply calling a committee.  The Sargeant at Arms has the power to arrest Obama on a finding that he is not a US citizen, and conspired to overthrow the United States.  This is ridiculous.

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