My First And Last Comment On The TSA

Jack Webb on How to Deal with the TSA


The TSA: Providing gainful employment

to sexual predators since 2009

Can’t see London, Can’t see France,

unless we see your underpants.

It’s not a grope; it’s a freedom pat.

If your lover is lacking in foreplay, come fly by us!

We always get to second base on the first date.

Security thru nudity!

We’ll touch you here, We’ll touch you there,

We’ll even fondle your derriere

Hickory dickory dock, give us a chance

and we’ll grab ur – you get the idea

Have a grope and a Smile

We rub you because we love that special way

Nuts, butts, and scanner sluts. That's the way we roll.

You get on. We get off.

We've handled more balls than Barney Frank.

Going out west? We’re going down south.

Lift your sack…for freedom?

Perverts for peace.

TSA: Where Touching Your Junk is Not Just a Job,

It's an Adventure

TSA, we bring repressed memories to life.

Announcing the new TSA Club Card;

Every 12 pat-downs gets a reach-around!

TSA Theme Song - See Me, Feel Me

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