LEt God Lead us to Victory!

My fellow Patriots: Do not be bound by rumors of the land! Keep the word out in the forefront of the American people's mind. Most of all do not forget to pray, and keep God first and let him lead the way. We must not stumble now! Pray, Pray, Pray! God hears us. Pray for Israel, and bless Israel and God will reward us! Obama is doomed to fail simply because he has cursed Israel. He will go down as a domestic terrorist! I believe that "We the People" will prevail, but we must continue to let God lead. He is the hope of this nation. People will not forget at the polls in November. Turn your heart to God. He is our victory, and remind Obama that we are a Godly people, and will win! Fight on!

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  • Whose God? Man is playing God. The external God is a monster. My God is internal.
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