"FEDERAL & Government, What?"

Hmm. FUNNY?  I think not!

Tolerance, what a ploy of our peoples to please all of the people all of the time. In the face of due self respect unto all peoples of this great nation, tolerance has become a bi-word for civil disobedience in all forms.

Loosely interpreted: Tolerance is a bias way of telling everyone who takes a Moral Stand on all issues we face in this country to merely shut up! Take a number! Roll over! Eat..... and die!

Anything goes, and those who enforce their Immoral beliefs and pepheaves upon the other class of peoples are considering in their own minds are more worthy of life on planet earth than anyone else.

The so-called Moral Majority have slam dunked America into a proverbial tail spin into the Abyss of Political atrocities never before seen upon the face of this earth. Wishing the same likeness of mentality as those of the Immoral mindset.

This "Pants at Half Mast" social club is bound and determined to fulfill the wants and endeavors of the wickedness which drives them, as we witness the present era of Chaotic narcesism and total denial of all truths and values.

This age of Have it your way and video gamers will not rest until their ways of life, living, and autocratic rule defeats what is affectionately known as the Righteous Right, and everyone within their path shall be considered "Collateral Damage".

No reasons, excuses, nor alibis shall be found acceptable in the eternal expanse of it all. We shall all be held accountable unto that final day, for which I plead: "Bring it on!"

There! It is written. As best I know how right now, we are not totally doomed. But, our time runs short with every breath we take. America, S A V E  America,,,,,,,,,,,,, NOW! Yesterday wasn't soon enough.


Max Simon Uhrig III

Arizona, U.S.A.

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  • To Gil:

    Paragraph 1)  A) Larger Scale impact? Not really, business as usual. B) Winner? It always matters. C) All Admins have their accountability to the rise and fall of this nation. D) No! Obama is a very disturbed individual, yet attempting to teach is illiteracy to the nation.

    Paragraph 2) A) Israel? No, America, B) Chosen Nation? No, yet, we have chosen this Fight of Faith from our founding Fathers.  C) Ordinance? Here again is choice of the Greater Portion of this nation, until recent years. Yet, a decade at a time, falling away.  D) Babylon? Sort of. But the real Culprit to this Symbolic entity is this nations Church's Clergy. Ill and misinformed because of a paycheck.

    Paragraph 3)  A) Response: The Falling Away of many people on all sides of this proverbial line are leaving the Traditional ways of Church, seeking a new or intelligible way for their own understanding, for which they may find Peace and a sense of Wisdom.  B) Judgment: True, unstoppable. For this generation, if it did turn fromany/everything acknowledged as "Wrong (i.e. Sin)" may be allowed Grace for an extended period of time, which is within our grasp to do. But: Will we as a people/society make this choice and take this stand?  C) Yes, the Kingdom of Heaven is a very real place upon this earth, yet - finding it (even though easier than falling down) is difficult for this manmade church to Re-Tool and make it so. For 1) is spiritually discerned, 2) is found within each and every person.  D) Facing with Love and Truth is exact, and amen. Yet, all anyone is responsible for is to deliver the message, pray for their Souls Salvation, and move on to the next.

    Paragraph 4)  The ultimate Salvation and Saving Grace of this Nation  is not a Political one. Yes, will be excellent when Faith filled (not Religious) individuals have stepped forward and assume their proper place in Government (in a perfect world scenario). The Moral Fabric of America is likened unto a Virgin which has been severely raped by a very dear friend. Violated to the core of her Virtue, Innocence, and all she'd once held Sacred and Trustworthy.

    All of these Attributes (even though Violated) still exist and stand at the threshold of every person alive for this Generation.  This information needs its rightful place upon the face and minds of America, allowing all who "WILL" to grasp, acknowledge, and grow with. Any others willing themselves to live their lives either in these Truths or apart from them and dwell in their own bias of self will and denial, so be it.

    But, the Will of the Immoral must allow the will of the Moral at least this Chance to be heard and acknowledged by those who wish, want, and will, amen.

  • Would you say this coming election has an impact on the larger scale? does it matter who wins and who takes the reigns of the country, both in congress and the White House? i know many attribute an American decline to Mr. Obama, but do you? Do you see Obama as a leader to some sort of growing evil? I think many people do, although i would question if they are right or wrong in thinking this. 

    Many people see the USA as a new kind of Israel. People point to this nation as God's chosen, built upon His principles and ideals. I don't think that's all too correct, seeing as we have a very human history of brutality and injustice. Do you see our nation as God ordained, as a nation of chosen people, a veritable 'city on a hill'? There are those who speak of us loosing a greatness, of God abandoning us, which of course presumes that God was with us in all that we did, that what we did was also ordained by God. We compare ourselves also to Sodom and Gomorrah. We fear fire from heaven in response to evil we see in our midst, evil that we see growing, perhaps that is distracting us from evil we have allowed to perpetrate our lives because we allow ourselves to believe we are God ordained. Maybe we are not God's people, a kind of Israel, but we are in fact a Babylon, the last great empire allowed to rise. 

    If any of that is so, the verification of which may be impossible and/or ill-advised, how are we to respond? We are called to love. to love our God, to love our neighbors, who despite our misgivings include our enemies, whoever they may be. If judgement is coming, or rather, when it comes, we cannot stop it. If it is at a time preordained by God, then we cannot hope to forestall it. Whether a punishment comes tomorrow or in 20 or even 2000 years, we are still called to love. To build the kingdom of heaven where ever we go, where ever we see a kingdom of hell being built. We are called to love. If you see a social sickness and immorality growing, face it with love and truth. 

    You want to save America? what are you saving it from? what are you saving it with? what is the savior you are looking for? is the saving of America a greater priority than the building of God's Kingdom? 

    If America is to be saved, turned the correct way, not necessarily back to something it has been, but towards what it might become, then from a political standpoint, turn toward leaders you believe to be furthering the kingdom of God. And above all, live according to the greatest of commandments. Live with Love.

  • Amen my brother. America hasn't seen punishment like it is destined to become.  Yet Paul's writing is true. The clergy of this age (since the days of Jesus) haven't delivered the exactness of Gods Truths, nor could they. They are too lackidazical about their own studies, trusting solely on garbage in garbage out mentality and calling it good.

    The sad part about that is, how many Souls have been thrust into the hands of demons and Satan himself and into the eternal Abyss? Even a quick count of people worldwide dares the one Billion mark, easily. The Spirit of the Witch has played hard at its key role of mindsterbation all these years, relentless and brutal. This manmade church has become a boil on the backside of hell itself.

    And if one would only ponder the sheer Obedience of hell itself. It vows not to let even one Soul escape its eternal grasp. It (hell itself) dares not sway from its eternal goal and calling from the Creator Himself as to allow such an error. The mass do not understand what real obedience is or even can be. Discipline in mans feebled description pales in comparison to the real thing.

    Yes my friend, judgment is coming, and no matter how hard man finds its levels of want to bring about the end, it shall not happen until the Almighty's timing is complete. But it comes at its own pace, and the signs say it is soon. Maybe another 2-300 years. Maybe today. No one but God knows this answer, and He's not talking, amen.

    Keep Faith alive my friend.

  • I recently have heard a Minister state that we are now, in fact, being punished by God for our sins and this punishment is the same as described in Romans Chap 1 verse 18 onward.  The punishment is ABANDONMENT by God.  What do you make of it?

  • He has given every man:

    A measure of Faith, to which is each ones accountability.

    Eyes to see, yet prefer blindness.

    Ears to hear, yet remain deaf.

    A heart and mind to understand, yet loathe their own Souls.

    If it were not for His Grace and Mercy, not even Saul of Tarsus nor any of us would be here alive right now.

    Jesus says: oh wicked and adulterous generation.

    Isaiah, Chapter 1

    :9 Except The Lord of Hosts had left unto us a very small remnant

    We should have been as Sodom

    And we should have been like unto Gomorrah

    These cities, so devoured by Gods Wrath, they will never be found.

    Yet, this generation continues to tempt Him to Wrath.

    God Help Us.

    America, SAVE America, NOW!

    Thank you my fellow Patriots and friends.



  • People today do not like to hear the truth.  They are more pleased with lies and deception.  Prayer leads one to understand the truth of a thing.  The more prayer the more enlightened one becomes.

  • Thank you my fellow Patriot.

    I can see the Riots and the Fall of America vividly.

    If it is not corrected soon, we seal our own doom.

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