Does the left have no shame?

No. No they do not.

I am not a Palinatic or anything...but come on, this is just beyond the pale.

I will harrass the NBA, TNT and everyone else involved for this - hopefully it leads to some kind of change...I know, doubtful, but this cannot go by without comment.

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  • Well said, Steve, well said.  I am still just stunned sometimes when I see their "values" on display.

    ...more like DE- volving, at least from where Im standing.  ;)


    The short answer is: No, none at all. But what is the difference between them and us? The right embraces Judaic/Christian values, whether Conservatives are religious or not the values still work. However, progressives have few values because they are evolving into a higher state of being, pushing for a utopian society where values are a thing of the past and all is free and open.

    Therefore, values would impede their growth into godhood status living in a self built utopian society free from such conflicts as values.

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