Deconstructing America

9223082053?profile=RESIZE_400xThe Democrats are preparing the prize for the Elites to complete the deconstructing of America. The Bilderberg Group, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Gates Foundation, the Council on Foreign Relations

The genesis of our destruction began decades ago with our morals and culture being chipped away with the aid of a compliant Marxist media and a business culture that goes along to get along because it is good for business. We have now accepted what we never thought we would just 10 or 15 years ago. Imagine, a judge, not the people, deciding that gender no longer is a factor in marriage! We need to remember that even brilliant people make absurd pronouncements. Big business, collectively, has little concern in the way of morality. Their interest is profit. Not necessarily a bad thing, but you would hope that large corporations would have a set of standards that don’t waver with every change of wind direction.

Unfortunately, many major denominational churches have fallen into the same trap. Fill the pews and everything will take care of itself. Not so. Jesus will spew them out of His mouth.

One could probably liken it to a child that goes awry, but the parents, thinking if they correct the child they will lose the child’s love. As a result, the parents decide to go along with the youngster’s determination, but then find they have not only lost the child, but their own self in the process. They forgot the greater love is to correct the child.

Where was our government, our representatives, when our cities began to rot? Where were they when our schools from kindergarten on up to university were being taken over by committed Marxists? They didn’t notice our young weren’t being taught reading, math and history, but hatred for our country? Where are they now when our crime rate is skyrocketing, with many cities (almost all Democrat) in chaos? Our government is probably the largest government, the most bloated, the world has ever seen. What has our government become for the investment Americans have made?...a self-perpetuating, self-centered, ignorant outside its own self-importance, entity that no longer either respects or fears the people it took an oath to serve. Yes, there are some who feel as President Reagan did, “There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit.” You will have to look diligently, but they are there, working hard.

The personification of this current putrefaction is Barack Obama. He won the presidency twice, not because of his qualifications, but because of the media blackout around his bio. He was a media creation. Many good Americans wanted to show the world that racism was in our distant past and are now looking to the future. After he won, Obama paid them back by gushing poison back in their faces. He told Americans they stunk of racism and then proceeded to do absolutely nothing for the Black community, turning a blind eye toward the abhorrent conditions in the inner cities, brought about by decades of Democrat promises. Why? Because his plan all along was not to build, but destroy. Obama is a Marxist and saw only a future in destroying America, not rebuilding it.

And here we are. Our country is being destroyed, deconstructed in front of our eyes. Our borders are wide open, not to help any of the individuals hungry for freedom, but to change our demographics in hopes they will vote Democrat as soon as it can be arranged. Our economy is crumbling. Gas prices in some places are twice what they were just a year ago. Lumber prices, forget it. Meat prices? Awful. Don’t worry, Bill Gates is working on synthetic beef. They don’t want us eating meat anyway. It’s bad for the climate. We have a so-called pandemic that has been bought and paid for by the Democrat political establishment looking for a crisis, aided by the Chinese Communist Party happy to deliver a biological weapon into the United States with the rest of the world as a diversion, and the medical profession looking to profit.

We have Idiocy everywhere, the chief being the President of the United States who lives in his own little world and can’t stop embarrassing the country. He thinks he is the smartest person in the room, but doesn’t know what day it is. We have academics that say good grammar is racist, high ranking military officers that think our biggest national security problem are Trump voters. Joy Behar thinks the term ‘Black Friday’ may be racist. Classical music is racist. Of course Shakespeare and Mark Twain are racist. Let’s not forget Gucci, Prada, standardized testing, math, ‘Jingle Bells’, the Declaration of Independence, Dumbo, chopsticks, Republicans, voter ID laws, peanut butter, air conditioning, ketchup, all police officers, tipping, Kellogg’s Corn Pops, grandfather clauses, and, of course, all white men. And let’s not forget zoning laws. The Democrats want to eliminate the great American dream…the suburbs. They want to put section 8 housing next to the private house you worked so hard to buy and maintain. It’s simple, they don’t want to raise the floor, they believe it’s simpler to just lower the ceiling. It’s called equity. Everyone equally miserable. Equality is dead.

You may ask yourself, where is all this going? Globalism! The Elites of the world want to take over and show us ignorant slobs the errors of our ways. No more private property. No more eating meat. No more cash. No more privacy. No more single-family homes. Controlled population and genetics will be the future. No more religion except for Sustainability. The Elites are their own religion.

The Democrats are preparing the prize for the Elites to complete deconstructing America. The Bilderberg Group, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Gates Foundation, the Council on Foreign Relations…truly, all enemies of America, both foreign and domestic…all godless narcissistic sociopaths. China is going along, even helping, using these Elites as useful idiots. China’s interest is not in a One-World Government unless the world and the government is theirs.

If you’re really unhappy about all this, if you think it will help, you can always change your gender. The world may not say anything, but they will still probably think you’re nuts.

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  • Joela, great article! Yes, you are correct but this is only the tip of the iceberg. Lets not forget, the Liberals believe America is a 'cancer' which has to be terminated at any cost.....AT ANY COST!
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