APNewsBreak: Transgender troop ban faces scrutiny


I do understand what their logic is and it was foretold some time ago what they had planed to do but most do not understand the reason why all the change is taking place and why now , not even those that are in the groups like the gays understand it .
The reason they had planed to fist let the Gays and now the transgenders to come out is not why they are saying . it is not for equal rights at all it is about and always has been about braking down the Moral majority because the Morals and ethics of people like the Christians blocked what they wanted to do . by destroying morel values , taking out the Bible and prayer out of schools teaching things like evolution and many other things , all a part of the braking down the groups that were blocking them from bringing in a one world socialist Government ,, and weather you agree or disagree with me these are the facts . I know because i saw the blueprint of their plans many years ago .It is all a part of the divide and conquer concept. .
They are using the Gay groups as a tool and noting more . In time they will discard them just as they did the Moral majority. ,when they get what they want . This is only the tip of the iceberg to what they are going to do in this next year . when the time is right they will
intentionally crash the world markets ,it will be sometime late this year or early next year.
If you watch closely ,you can see it all happening right bfore our eyes

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