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krause replied to Admin Dee's discussion Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association opposes Biden administration's action to mandate vaccination
"Three cheers to freedom preserving patriots who oppose Government mandates on the general public, U.S. citizens are not peasantry/royal subject!!!"
Sep 10, 2021
krause replied to Admin Dee's discussion FBI Proves Trump Had Nothing to Do with Jan. 6 and there was NO Organized "Plot"
"Rumor has it, Pelosi recovered laptop taken during capital intrusion reveals pelosi was organizer and part of plot for outbreak of violence and trespassing by an organized group creating the whole planned event."
Aug 20, 2021
krause replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion UK Parliament Holding Devious Biden In Contempt
"One of America's mistakes, chosing the nation and its monarchy, whom We claimed our independence, as an ally.
@The UK is and always has been America's problem. We and the UK been under stronghold of Rothschild and the Central Bank Cabal."
Aug 20, 2021