• Get it?.................D.C. is COMPROMISED by the C.C.P.

    Biden is doing Xi's bidding in our TAKE DOWN!!!!.......They CAN'T TELL the truth because they'll be made to pay for it!!!...........Best to just destroy the whole of humanity for the sake of these  incorrigable,Nihilistic parasites on humanity!!!

  • Is there anybody in politics that isn't invested in China? China owns and contributes to our media. Politicians. Big Pharma. They bought scorecard app from Comey on how to flip election votes. They're buying up our farm land. They bought Smithfield. I believe they own some of our sea ports. The list goes on and on. China OWNS the USA. 

  • Dem Elaine Lauis is a disgrace to the military and the country. She should be investigated because she is silent on the matter of Corrupt of CCP Investment.  She must go.

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