• Excellant video. We need to rise up and hold our ground against this corrupt govt

  • The time has come for the "Convention Of The States" to be held . Convention Of The States or The second American Revolution ???? 

    Far better to hold the Convention Of The States then the other option in order to "Make America Great Again."

  • This is the PURGE of counter-revolutionaries that always follows a Marxist Coup... they eliminate anyone who may be a counter-revolutionary. Why are we acting surprised or taken aback?  Why is Fox News treating this as something unexpected or shocking?  Wake up, we are in the middle of a war against the constitutional foundations of our nation.  If you support the Constitution you are an enemy of the government.  Expect to be held accountable by a rouge Marxist government.

    What does that say about the government...Are they a Constitutional Government, if they attack those who support the Constitution, and treat them as enemies?  The GOP is not helping. They are sitting on their hands, while their constituents are being led off to prison for exercising their Constitutional rights. Where is the LEADERSHIP and FUNDING needed to organize constitutional challenges to this Marxist coup?  It certainly isn't found in the GOP/RNC and it is not manifesting itself in the TRUMP America  First Movement either.  Where are you Pres. Trump?  What are you doing, to effectively challenge the left?  The Marxists are arresting and destroying your constituents. They are perishing and you are doing what?  Holding feel-good weekend rallies?  Deflecting and ignoring the real suffering being foisted upon your base as they work to support your political efforts. How many attorneys have you, the GOP, and your organization provided for those in the DC Jail... any?  Soros certainly takes care of his thugs.

    Leaders lead from the front ... they organize effective peaceful and lawful civil protests... where are these protests?  Tens of Millions need to be in the Streets every day until we have reforms that actually result in a return to Constitutional Government... not, the dictatorial terrorism US Citizens are suffering under.  We need to exercise our Constitutional rights to free assembly and to petition the government for the redress of our grievances.  America is in its death throes and its leaders are holding weekend pep rallies... that are getting no real attention in Congress or the State Legislatures.  If anything these pep rallies serve to placate the masses; giving them a false sense of hope and promise that are not deliverable thru the electoral process alone.

  • The background music is very loud and keeps one from hearing the dialogue... almost as if planned to stop one from trying to listen to the video...

  • Justice must be administered or massive civil disobedience by the public should be the response... let the people shut down the government and economy.   The GOP is a party to the insurrection and coup.  They are as useless as tits on a bore hog... The GOP leadership knows what has occurred is criminal conduct but refuses to lead a massive civil protest, to redress our grievances, on the DC and every State Capitol.  It is time for the GOP/RNC leadership to demand the arrest and trial of those members of the government who are criminally culpable for their conduct, and abuse of power, for undermining the US Constitution... For, their open collusion with the enemies of the United States, for treason and insurrection.  

    Where are the Red State's and the GOP leaders...  Are they in bed with the ENEMIES of our Constitution?  They too must answer for their collusion and or inaction; their failure to enforce the laws of the United States and to IMPEACH the Justices, and culpable political appointees.  They refuse to take action to expell the Politicians who have actively engaged in insurrection and treason. This must stop.

    The corruption in the Federal and State government is rampant, pervasive, and total...  The entire government needs to be recalled, subject to new elections and a Recall and Term Limits Amendment.  We need an emergency Article 5 Convention to pass and ratify such an Amendment.  Our Constitution has the remedy to our demise in it... an Article 5  Convention and a total recall of the government ... federal and state.

    It is past time the GOP endorse an Article 5 Amendment and work to have one convened... failure to do so puts the GOP in the camp of our enemies and signals the need for a new party or the complete overhaul of the current GOP/RNC leadership.  Remove the leadership or scuttle the party, as it openly serves those political interests working to hasten the demise of our Constitutional Republic.  They continually betray their base when most needed... they failed to challenge the 2020 Presidential results and supported the debacle of January 6th. They are not a friend of the Constitutional Republic, they seem to ally more with the New World Order than the Constitution. 

    The GOP/RNC leadership are masters of bait and switch politics and dissimilation... as they attempt to disguise their true purpose.  The GOP/RNC talk a good line but never seem quite able to deliver on their promises or to reverse the tide of federal abuse and Constitutional erosion.  One must constantly ask on which side of the aisle they are on...  the Marxist Democrat Collective, or the Constitutional Republican Coalition?

    • The only way to get the leadership to respond to our needs is to cut off any monetary support to their re-election campaings. Great mistake to allow government officials to have more than two terms.

  • We know  who the real  enemy  it it's in the government  , not the Patriot's  standing for our rights. 

  • I hope they don't try this at my house 

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