•  Dont forget people, we have been warned by Truman, Eisenhower, and Reagan. Since then, we allowed these liers, cheaters, and narcissists take control of all our institutions, including Universities and schools. The swamp does not properly define what it really is;  Government NAZI - Vatican - KABAL Control Takover!!! Do I say more???? Time to take back !!!

  • There no longer exists any middle ground... the left is preparing for a purge of the middle-class dissident... and any Christian who's moral and lawful concepts of government are Biblically based...

    Pres. Trump was our nation's last and best hope for peaceful, moral, and lawful change... Reform is now up in the air and soon to implode.  Trump frankly failed us all... he neglected the hardest task before him,  to drain the swamp.  He shoujld have rallied the people and confronted Congress, the Federal Judicial System, and the rogue elements of the Administration to clean out the corrupt... He did none of that. 

    America is now left with little room to maneuver... in its efforts to retun lawful Constitutional government to our Republic...

    • Ron, once again you are correct!!!!!President Trump wound up appointing deep state globalists to his own cabinet, people only interested in their own power and prestige!!!!  bill barr is a prime example of Trump appointees that betrayed, and still is, We the People!!!!!!!!!!


    • Like a lazer with accuracy, right on the bullseye.

  • Trump knew all this in his first term and what did he do?  He knew the election was going to be fraudulent... what did he do to stop the fraud before it happened?  Once it happened how many people did he have arrested?  And, what?  What are we to believe now?  Vaccine anyone?

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    • Who was in charge of securing our border?  May i point out it was Pres. Donald Trump?

    • Trump did all that he was capable of doing or does not all of the fencing intended to be erected count but now the Trump haters have put it on the side to rot. I don't see how the president could know that fraud would be used to unseat him since all of those knowing of the threat were Trump hating demoRATS and a few back stabbing RINO's.
      Remember that Trump was forced to defend himself from a faux impeachment by his enemies which diverted his administrations aims. How he got the pharmacy companies to go on warp speed is in itself an amazing achievement. And let us not forget during his term in office that we became self sufficient in oil. Now we are begging dictators to supply our needs and the Russians are benefitting from the high cost of a barrel of oil, which by the way is aiding the funding of their invasion of Ukraine.

    • ......and then came Biden the puppet!

    • See:  Fact: President Trump Only Reduced Legal, Not Illegal, Immigr...

      President Trump Reduced Legal Immigration. He Did Not Reduce Illegal Immigration

      See President Trump Reduced Legal Immigration. He Did Not Reduce Il...

      "In 2020, the removal of illegal immigrants from the interior of the United State... (Figure 3). Trump failed to increase removals because local jurisdictions refused to cooperate with his administration, continuing a trend begun during the Obama administration in response to their deportation efforts. As a result, the population of illegal immigrants remained about the same as when he took office (Figure 4)." 

       See the link above to the CATO Group article on immigration policy during the Trump Administration by this Libertarian group...  Trump did not reduce illegal immigration or secure our border ... it remained an open border under his Administration.  We must be truthful about his Administrations's dismal performance in stopping illegal immigration.  It doesn't help to ignore the numbers ... the facts regarding illegal entry during his tenure as President... any more than it does any good to ignore his failure to put a dent in the Swamp...

      Fact: President Trump Only Reduced Legal, Not Illegal, Immigration
      Trump was wildly successful in reducing legal immigration.
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