• To all those who are NOT democrates, the hypocrisy has always been quite obvious, at least for as far back as I can remember and at 85 years young, my memory is still pretty good.  I can still remember things that happened to me at age 3.

  • We know who is mostly affected, how they get it, so it's not a national, or world wide emergency, they know who they are, they know what causes it, they know how to stop it, let them deal with it. It's a gay problem, they are about 1% of the population, they can choose not to get it! Let's  move on!



  • devildemocommiecrats are hypocrites, it is all they have to work with!!!!!!!!!!

  • Our government has been taken over by a #coup the far left radicals in the #DemocratParty & they are lying to all of us. Their goal is to #DestroyAmerica

    • I really wish that people would quit using the stupid hashtag for everything, it really screws up the flow of a sentence and is completely useless.

  • Pervert Wiener needs to go away

  • More Lies from the Deep State Communists

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