• Someone mentioned placing a "NO TRESPASSING" sign, by your front walk, or even on your porch; if they still persist, you can call police and have them arrested for trespassing; sounds like a simple solution.

  • Door to door to get our gens. That's what he meant to say...........FOLKS!

  • Folks ... I'm seeing a lot of bravado here. Worse than pointless ... hostility is a message to them that discredits our side. Simply saying "no" is a better response. We have work to do, let's not undermine ourselves.

  • We could cite "HIPPA" and Refuse to answer, or call the Police if there are any left to respond? But I think we all should screw with their stats... Everyone answer Yes my whole family has been Vaccinated. Remember they can't continue this "BS" once the entire Country is at 100%. 

    • But Concerned Citizen, to reply at all is to participate, affording further inquiry. Time to interview others, right?

      Also, 100% vaccination means all variant or new viral forms of disease will be eliminated for the future, right?

      Because if it doesn't, why then a whole new course of mass treatment may (and likely will) be required for future unknown outbreaks..

      Disease is one of the constant elements of our biological reality. If it can happen, it will.

    • But what everyone proposing some form of non-participation ... violent or otherwise forgets is: If you refuse they can always "Red Flag" you as a "Danger to the Community" and we know how that'll turn out ie: Storm Troopers in the middle of the night! Play their silly game... Screw with their stats... "Yes Everyone in my House is fully Vaccinated" and their gone!

    • You do not have to refuse. You simply do not participate. The phrase,"I have nothing to say", means you are not accepting, refusing or even acknowledging the interview. Without the special police powers of arrest or entry on warrant, you have choices you need not share. I suspect an implied requirement to participate based on an imagined emergency authority is a bluff to be ignored. Also, a statement with your dated signature and Notary public seal, can state that you do not consent to vaccination.

      If you have a cell phone with GPS tracking, have you faraday caged it except when making an emergency call? A covid tracer can invite himself to your house declaring a covid infection event in a business may have occured when you were tracked in close proximity at the location. At that point, argueably you must prove you were not infected. My phone never leaves the pouch unless I am remote from an enclosed area where people congregate (in the car, a street sidewalk, city park, etc.). I suppose an electronic transaction could place you as well, but I do not think that database is being co-ordinated yet. If in doubt, use cash. Just like in field interviews with the police, it does not help to volunteer personal information. IMHO

  • Yep he's a froot  cake.  I know how to take care  of trespassers! 

  • This was sent to Sundances website "The Last Refuge". It was a ruling from the 10th circuit which forbids this type of garbage. I printed it and will keep copies near my door to give them should they show up.

  • No Trespassing on my property!

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